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The kitchen spread to the roof and then the neighboring home. One person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. It is 5 33 a miracle. That's how essential Indiana mother describes the survival of her four sons and their friend upper crash last week in Indianapolis, using Stanley Johnson spoke to the mother, who says she is thankful for a special person support. It was headed for a least about 30 minutes trying to just locate everyone. Imagine four of your Children and one of their friends in a serious crash and then finding out you have to choose which one you will see. First. It was hard for them to tell me who was where, you know, because the underage kids want to watch hospital. Then Jeremiah and Darrin went to another one of my oldest son went to a different one. And they just had Everything was so confusing. On Wednesday, December 16th Andrea Wind, Porter says she answered dozens of phone calls each about a different one of her kids who were all together when she says their car was rear ended, pushed into an intersection hit by three cars and finally a semi. It's just been Rough week. The brothers Jermaine Joseph, to Jeremiah Jonathan and their friend Darren, who win Porter considers part of the family range in age from 15 to 20 years old. All of them are now in the hospital with serious injuries. There's some kids that just leave a bigger impact, and he's definitely one of those. You know, when Jermaine would walk in the building, his smile would just light up any room principal at Edison School of the Arts, Amy Burns says their motto is once a cool cat, always a cool cat. And 15 year old Germaine is no exception. We all know how much it is for just even one person to be in the hospital, let alone four of your own Children. She immediately reached out to other staff members who knew the porter family and started a go fund me page. We're almost step 4000. I'd like to see it get a lot more than that to try to help the family out for wind Porter. The support is overwhelming and unexpected. I wish I had the words to express how I feel. But it's My heart. Could this flow of how grateful I am for everybody Rich now, even just to say that transform as she braces for the long road to recovery for each of her boys. She reflects on what could have been especially knowing at least one of her kids was not in a seat belt at the time of the crash. Not even just for kids. Parents any drivers. Please put your seat belts on. They do save lives. They do safe lives. Slow down is wintertime right now slow down. In Indianapolis. I'm Demi Johnson for Wish. TV, which tv dot com and follow us on Facebook. When Porter says, the boys who had to have surgeries are doing well, she tells us, the other should be able to return home this week. We have a link to.

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