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So what's your address. So i said to her and they go. So why do you need this address. And she says well you know it's really basically inferred. It's none of my business or that would be telling that kind of thing so it was like ok okay. He can't believe me for asking right. But i just wanted to say what a wonderful surprise i wanna give. Christine bruschi is very special. Shout out for the extra calories. She said nice. That is great. You might want to wear a bib or some sort of crop thatcher that kim gets everywhere i guess the the cookie themselves are very crumbly. Well it's a shortbread cookies so so just have the roller exactly no problem but i just. I was just very appreciative of that. So i to send special shout so thank you christine as always all right so Back to the ultimate foe gas cast of the suspects although we did get the debut or at least return of tony ainley as third master. So it's great to see him again because we finally get to see well. We did get to see them last. We saw them together was the mark of the rani coincidentally also written by pip and jane baker. Go out and one of my favorites. Geoffrey hughes plays mr papa whic and interestingly in since i know rachel is a beatles fan because hey she's got the handle beatles blonde. She probably knows that. Geoffrey hughes was the voice of paul mccartney in the beatles animated movie yellow submarine very cool. So mr papa wick was sir. Paul was what am i was. One of my desert island movies have very strong. Fund is for that movie with louise. And all that i just love the soundtrack so james bree plays the keeper of the matrix although not much of a keeper as it turns out. He's fired heard so he previously appeared in the war games. Patrons final story as the security chief so he's been the final story of two doctors from security chief to keep her the matrix obviously terrible security. He's one of those politicians or you know the that. Fail upward guessing. It's a political appointments of political. Or whatever she knew the right people but he also played nefer in full circle. Which was the story. That introduced address during the tom baker era. Interestingly he was also in the james bond movies so we got another james bond connection because he appeared in on her majesty's secret service which came out the very same year. I was born nineteen sixty nine and he was also an episode of the prisoner of a big prisoner fan so his aunts browse so. I'm sure some of you anglophiles out there as well. He was in the episode. Do not forsake me. Oh my darling. So i thought. I'd mentioned that trivia there is a lot of trivia regarding.

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