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We'll see if there's change their todd but if auburn wants to get back to a top five defense they're gonna have to figure out how to be a little bit more physical on the front. And i just don't see the guy is there to play that style and ultimately if your opponents constantly and manageable situations then it kind of limits the successor your secondary can half because we think it's going to be great secondary but the way they can be really elite in the back half is if the front seven on early down somehow allows third mediums in third and longs more than they did last season. But i'm not sure it's going to be the case. There isn't talent there but she's very small unit auburn. I could go through a bit of a transitional phase. We'll see if it works out well for the program or if it's getting back to basics in rebuilding be careful what you wish for auburn tigers fans. You ran gus malzahn out of town. Let's hope for your sake. You have a head coach. They can take the program back to the levels that you expect to be at at a year in year out based somehow yeah exactly. Ucf comes out the big winner and all this and hopefully gus finds it a little bit easier. Sledding down there in orlando significantly less pressure maybe be able to recruit against the state and put a little bit more pressure on your boys in tallahassee and of course the fans in gainesville and of course down there in coral gables hilarious is that all burn. Wanted this guy out so bad. They bought them out for twenty one and a half million and he goes to ucf and he like landed their highest recruit and the ucf history of recruited. Within like you know this is where not having gone to a big time. College football school. I may lose sight of exactly what these fan base is really are unrealistic expectations. I mean we come at things from a sports standpoint with a much more pragmatic viewpoint. We look teams. Go hear their strengths. Here are their weaknesses. Know what you are and know how to set those expectations college. Football fans don't exactly fauna that particular bucket. And i guess when you're consistently competing against nick sabin you can't win. Sec west titles. You have to know who you are as a program and auburn is in alabama and the fact that gus wasn't able to get them there other than the one national championship which is saying an awful lot Fans just painted him in a corner and you get to a point where you go to hell with this. I'm moving on somewhere else. Right actually appreciate. I can tell you. Florida state florida miami. No one was fearful of josh hypol- taking their tier two guys or their high level. Three star guys that created a depth. They are with gus malzahn. And that's going to be interesting to see materialize over the next couple of years while a program. I guess that has to be happy with a higher. They made because they finally maintained some stability as a once downtrodden. Laughing stock in the sec. East would be the kentucky wildcats and while they remain long shots at sixty to one to win the sec and twenty. Two one to win the sec. East their win total sets its sits at seven. You do have to lay a dollar. Twenty to go over and the expectation lexington. These days is bull game or bust gradually trying to raise up that overall profile and i was a big fan of one of their hires. This off season you bring in liam cohn who over from the rams so replace eddy. Grant is kentucky. We try and enter the twenty first century with their offensive attack. Terry wilson transfers out there. Starting quarterback headed to new mexico. And you bring in a quarterback in. We'll let us by all accounts appears to have the inside track to win the starting quarterback job which kentucky clearly needs because when you're one hundred twenty second in the country and explosive plaque passing offense a season ago. You need a little bit more when i breakdown kentucky overall. I don't think anybody is protecting them to be dark horse to win the sec's but i get the overall sentiment that this team is being a little bit discounted for everything that they have going on right completely agree and you mentioned that identity change with kentucky's offense. We saw mark stoops..

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