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Suddenly Christine and the boy were gone but Marianne didn't seem concern. She and Wolfgang join the rest of the Schmidt clan and soon enough Christine was back. She was clearly up to something as she nonchalantly suggested. They take a walk over to nearby WanNa beach after their picnic lunch. Wanda beach was a mile up shore from CRONULLA. A twenty minute hike over the sand dunes. The RAG tag group set out given the high winds. The little kid soon grew tired realizing they would never make it to Wanda Christine and Marianne offered to grab their belongings from the beach so they could head home. The four kids agreed to wait right there. The girls started heading off but in the wrong direction. Ten year old. Peter told them as much but they just giggled as they hurried away clearly. They had no intention of leaving the beach just yet so Wolfgang. Peter uh-huh Trixie and Norbert sat and waited as their sister and her friend ran up over the sand dune and out of sight after twenty minutes of waiting Wolfgang try defined his sister. He caught a glimpse of the girls disappearing. Over the next Dune with the boy who had been hunting crabs. He told his siblings as much and so they waited a bit longer for the girls to reappear. What happened next is anyone's guess? Although the coroner's report colors in more details Christine may have had a few sips of alcohol minutes before her death. She and Marianne were probably enjoying a little harmless flirting. Perhaps the crab hunter tried to make make a move or perhaps he left and someone else was quick to swoop in something escalated and as the girl's turn to to leave. Christine probably heard the rock throwback against her skull before everything when dark in a moment police are called to the site of two shallow graves now back to the story on the afternoon of January. You worry eleventh. Nineteen sixty five. Fifteen year olds Christine sharrock and Marianne Schmidt were murdered in the sand dunes off Wanda beach each their killer buried them in shallow graves. Meanwhile Mary Ann's four younger siblings. Wolfgang Peter Trixie and Norbert patiently waited for hours exactly where she had instructed them to but as the afternoon Bru long ten year old Peter Peter Schmidt decided to go looking for his sister to no avail he could have walked right over her body. Never the wiser close to five PM. Peter decided he and his three siblings would need to head back to the train station to catch the last train back home. He hoped two sister had gotten a ride and would be there to greet them at the door. But when the Schmidt children arrived home at eight PM there was no sign nine of Marianne or Christine by eight thirty that evening. Christine's grandmother reported the two fifteen year olds missing missing the next morning. January twelfth nineteen sixty five. A man named Peter Smith was walking the sand dunes and when he noticed a patch of hair sticking out of the SAM initially he thought it was a mannequin and went over to look but when he started to dust off the head of hair he realized he'd found a corpse. Police were quick to descend on the scene. They began zooming Marion's Ariane's body and soon noticed a third foot sticking out of the sand. It was Christine. They also noticed a long drag mark starting at the gravesite and running up the Dune. Thanks to that mark and the autopsy. The report police were able to piece together an approximation of what had happened. The killer likely attacked Marianne I. They managed to stab stab her over fourteen times once through the heart before slitting her throat so deeply. She was nearly decapitated as she lay. Bleeding out in the sand. Christine likely began to run. The killer caught up to her and the back of her skull was crushed washed. She had been stabbed at least six times. The killer dragged. Christine's body backed down the sand Dune to be buried beside side. Marianne police also noted. How eerily quiet? This particular Dune seemed to be. You couldn't hear the ocean or surrounding beach. The gravesite was perfectly still. Someone could scream down there and no one would hear era thing. The coroner found traces of semen on both women. Although based on the other evidence it seems uncertain whether they were raped raped the murder weapon. A knife was never found and the only lead the police really had to go on was Wolfgang's description of the crab hunter who he described as a surfer boy with long blond hair in a town like Sydney that incriminated just about out everyone. The crab hunter was never found and no other suspect seemed to fit. The case became known as the Wanda beach murders and eventually went cold half a century later. The most likely suspect is serial killer. Christopher wilder her better known as the beauty queen killer. He was living in Sydney at the time in nineteen sixty eight. Wilders wife allegedly called called police to report him she believed he was involved in the murders and told police as much before leaving her husband permanently. Police took took eight months to follow up on the tip however and by the time they went to interview him wilder had moved to the United States. Wilders American killing killing spree officially started in nineteen eighty-four but he likely got away with murder in Australia before that including perhaps On January eleventh nineteen sixty five whether or not wilder was the killer however Marianne and Christine and are still without justice. The real end of their story lies hidden in the shadows of the sand dunes at Wanda beach. Each thanks for listening today and true. Crime I'm Vanessa Richardson. If if you'd like a more in depth exploration of the Wanda beach murders checkout our two-part series on unsolved murders. Today in true crime is a podcast. 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