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You know what's great plot? You're already started with a chip on your shoulder. I is I guess, that's kind of if I attack I then Aubrey, thank you so much for coming in. You were here half hour late. And I'm sure that couldn't have poorly early. I'm sorry. Yes, we were on time but you were a half hour early. And so that's certainly could have helped with the chip being early. I to be a good ten minutes. Late ten minutes late. Okay. Now we on this show, talk a lot about people with me. So phony a- most me, so phony. Yes, it like me, so Honiara. It's a it's a genetic. No, it's a couple of photographs. Boy, you really, really have your guard up Hannah king. Wow. Like it. Well, I was watching a bunch of clips of Aubrey before we came here and you guys have a similar thing in that. You're both funny and cute. But you're fucking brats, let your both brats. That's pretty much don't mind you. Any of your house? Yes. And then Monica will go step further. She will yell at her. Parents at full volume. Alec thirty one in storm up to her room and shuts down. That is true people have me so phony, they get. I don't know whether they get nauseous, they get very angry. They get irrationally angry win the here, people chewing food, and before this, I would have said, that's horse shit. You're just an intolerant person. But on twenty three and me if you go get Twenty-three, meet, it'll tell you, if you have the genetic marker for me, so phony, it's a real genetic thing. So I've become more, maybe I should look, you see if you have me. So why no. You don't because you were just chewing into the microphone in bothering by the ASM are kind of thing where I kinda like sounds like that. You do like a Martin will you watch those YouTube videos? Do you have a favorite? I like ASMAR, darling. She does a lot of like, oh, rubbing her. Like, like shell on differently close like this one is really soft. Oh, wow. Heels like this. Do you experience the U, fauria, people talk about that love ASMAR? It's not like euphoric reaction for me. It's more like a Transi like 'cause I have like I'm thing. I knew with my heroin, I've done this before of, like I would be a loop in the night make this hunt. Oh, I do in my ear like all day long like a self soothing thing. But it's like I like little sounds like we'll tell me if you like this. First of all, can you please close? Your eyes for one second. This is what I think it sounds like when people walk through a forest, okay? Do you know what it was? No. It's my cared. It's thirty your hair thing it's quite some almost identical. It's pretty much the same thing because you're generating that noise you like it. And then when I generated, it's sick. That's what he thinks. Why not like it? Okay. So want you to know I like. A had anyone here that appeared appeared, I'm saying appeared in quotes to not want to be here as much you. I'm here when you talk about guy tell your face. You're from Delaware, most people that I meet when they find out from Delaware say, like what you're the first person I've ever met from door. And I'm like you know what? I've heard that a lot yet. Any no what I wanted to tell you that. And then I thought maybe she's heard that a lot. Yeah. Mama's a lawyer, which in nineteen Eighty-four. I think that's pretty cool. Is she a lawyer then when you're born? No, my parents are really young. They have me when they were twenty and they both came from nothing. So they would like you know hustled their way through the eighties and for your dad's Puerto Rican. Yeah. Yeah. He's, he's not he wasn't born in Puerto Rico. Oh, parents were but he was not. So, okay. He was born in Philly. So he grew up in Philly. So he would fill my Phillies stereotype more than my. Oh, yeah. Okay. What would is Phillies like go get a cheese steak, you know it's gonna tough. It's almost New York. It's like you know doing it. I don't know. Yeah, sure that's my family. Does that? What exactly what your dad sounds like? Now, he was from Philly was mom also know my mom is from Delaware, she grew up in Delaware. And then they met at West Chester university, which is in Pennsylvania. They both worked at while on my mom's a manager wa wa wa wa. Oh my gosh. Well, no. That's what children will call water sometimes like babies. Walmart, exactly. Oh, my wa wa wa was like gas stations like mini mart. Okay. Like, like a circle K a seven eleven seven eleven but it's like a very secret version of that on in the area where I grew up like people are really obsessed with wa wa like coffee, while iced tea, while was sandwiches, lots of things happen in parking lot. While I was just gonna say, in high school, did you guys chill parking lot? We ask so, yeah, yeah, since I grew up, there's now they're super Wala's really big kind of like Wala's on crack does just the little thrills of Delaware. Yeah. I grew up in Wilmington, which is the northernmost city in Delaware. It's the only town that has a city city is the biggest one. Oh, the capital. But it's the biggest one that most of the people have up there at Delaware, you can drive through the whole state from top to bottom in two hours home. Like, once you get out of Wilmington, e start getting into. Rural farms, but it's all along the coast. So it's like very weird mix of chicken farms, and the beach. Right. All the beach towns gets, like crazy, spring break, e typo. Yeah. Okay. With the jersey shore flavor it's not like the jersey shore is a good different vibe. It's a little more closer to, like, Maryland. Like OGSM ocean city all the kids go down to the beach every summer. I mean you just do it. That's what people saw just do that. And what kind of high school student where you were like, class president? So you were outgoing I presume. Right. You have to be out going to be the class president. Yeah. I went to an all girls Catholic school. And I was very busy all the time. You were very until out of clubs intrinsically motivated or you were college bound in wanted extracurricular things on your resume was a little bit of both. I guess I was in the four H pergram were. Yeah. So I you had cattle or chicken. That's the thing about four, h is up people project, this agricultural agenda onto, you know, but I, I grew up outside of the city so we focused on community service. I started that clubbing was eight years old. So from very early on. I was always like very busy doing stuttered. It's almost like a kind of like conjoining girl scouts or girl scouts girl scouts like sock in girl scouts, her the enemy. I'ma I think Misanthrope at Har my wife has opened my eyes to a lot of things and I now I'm way more available to help with things, but certainly not in high school. I could have given us shit about helping anybody. So I'm just curious. You were naturally drawn to help people or you were drawn to someone being proud of you for having done that I was just thrown in very early into a very intense club where my four h leader really, really hard on us. Oh, it was just, like, what I did, we would have the project books that we'd have to finish every year that we're really insane. Like by the time. Am I graduated high school Iraq, up thousands and thousands of hours of community service? It was just like part of my in. Did you enjoy? Yeah. Yeah. I still do I went back to Delaware two weeks ago and did a community service project with local for each club. Really? So I think you're maybe just nice. I also grew up kind of like in a very, very Catholic kind of environment. My school that I went to the motto is Cervia, which means to serve in Latin, that was just my upbringing you serve help in. Do you think in retrospect, are you grateful? You went to an all girls school. I imagine there's pros and cons to that. I mean I like to it's not for everyone like my middle sister did not go to Ursuline. She decided to go. The co Ed school was so you could have chosen. I could have chosen to go to the co Ed school in dollar. Those are private schools, because the public school system is kind of a rack there. And so there's a ton of private schools in different options and stuff. I went to Hurson since fourth grade until, like after middle. School is like you decide if you want to stay or if you want to leave, and I liked it. So I stayed. But Manali didn't stay my other sister stayed. Right. And they were cool with that Bernadette Dave. Oh, yeah. Bernadette was a lawyer, she had you at twenty and she became a lawyer. She's a pretty impressive human being my parents came from, like nothing. My dad grew up in like a pretty bad neighborhood in Philly in the you know, they didn't have any money when I was born we lived in the one bedroom apartment in bad area. You know, my dad kind of wolf of Wall Street style, like God into like the stock market and stuff. He like didn't even graduate college. He became a traitor, and I mean as a stock trader stock. Like a stock not Maryland t. We worked for Maryland, Maryland. So I think that, that mentality was burned into my brain. It's so weird. Is once you said, Philly, I was like, Bradley Cooper's from Philly and Cooper in his dad worked for Merrill, Lynch. Yes. Me bradley. I'm just sitting here thinking you guys have so much, but he became successful at that. Yeah. He yeah. Oh, yeah. He's crushing. He's a real go-getter. He is charmer. Okay. He's a hustler my mom has eight brothers and sisters. Oh, my goodness, when she was eight years old, her mom grandmother, had, like a mental breakdown on her. Dad died and the five of them that were under eighteen went to an orphanage in new castle, Delaware. And it was a very bad orphanage. It was run by these corrupt nuns that were very abusive. And it was a bad situation. And my mom's third grade teacher fell in love with my mom and wanted to dot my mom take her out of the orphanage. But my mom had four brothers and sisters with her in was like, I can't even my brothers sisters. So this woman Dorothy, she adopted all five of them. No. And then her and her husband, had their own four biological kids. Oh my nine again and Dorothy. Woo was pregnant with her last biological. Kid when my mom was pregnant with me, so young. And so. So I was raised by my parents, obviously. But like also by grandma north foster grandparents so is kind of thrown into this other kind of foster situation, and my aunt brigid, who's your right? But I'm a month older than her, but we grew up like sisters and I was kind of grew up in that household a lot. They were the ones that put me in the four H program like parents that did that it was, like I got, you know, because they were working burned. So my foster grandparents raised me a lot. So I was kind of like grown in with all these super Irish Catholic kids, I went to competitive Irish dancing as a kid. But, you know, I'm the Jake or the repeal dance competitive riveting. And you did it. Oh, yeah. Did you enjoy that shoot her? No, I don't know. I mean I wasn't very good. I was it was a very strange kind of thing because I'd be like doing river dance, and then I would go to, like my dad's family and there'd be like, salsa dancing, the kitchen. You know, those are very different kinds of dancing river dance. You're not supposed to move your arms. It's very like awkward. You just move your legs. And then and then I would go to these hump Titians, they're called fetishes, and I would wear the traditional thing, and there'd be like leprechauns. Okay. So good. So Monica was nervous that the leprechaun is a bit dicey for Irish people. Is that what it was? No. You're talking about appropriate cultural procreation on Cinco de Maya which I understand, I was like, are we appropriating on Saint Patrick's Day? And I said, no, not appropriation, because it's about leprechauns said, which I. I think everyone's still pretending they're Irish that day ruins pretending to have the luck of the Irish I don't know, when you would bounce back and forth between the Irish side and then dad's Puerto Rican family were you drawn to one more than the other eyelid say the Puerto Ricans were definitely more. I don't know. I'm very much like classic older child. Very split down the middle mom dad, but I would say, like I feel very connected to the Puerto Rican set, but I'm very Irish too. I mean there's just what acohol on both sides. Now back to the all girls high school where you bummed out there was no guys there. I actually liked not having guys there because it's a distraction, you know, but I think looking back on it, now it probably did color, my interactions, because guys to me were like thinking about one thing, you know, 'cause like there was one class in the morning that you could take where we would swap with our brothers school age, like AP English. Everyone wanted to get into that class, because guys in the class, I never got into that class, but, you know, I would walk in the hallway and look through the window peak than they are. And like, you know, so I'm definitely like probably fucked up by that. Well, the I had one experience, where I went with a friend who went to this school, Saint Mary's which was all boys, Catholic school, my friend, Jay, rob. He took me as a guest one day. When I was immediately struck by was that the dudes did not come their hair. They hadn't showered dudes farted in class, openly.

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