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We are set to go Game five of the Stanley Cup Finals with Joe Micheletti. I'm John Ahlers. The referees for tonight's game as assigned by the National Hockey League are Dan O. Rourke and Gord Dwyer. The lines that are Michelle Cormier and stop Cherry lightning in their home blue. The white Lightning bolt down the chest. White numbers in blue helmets traveling left to right across your radio dial against the Canadians in their road whites, red shoulder piping blue pants and white helmets and we are underway the face off at center ice controlled by Montreal. It comes all the way back and price out. So the left of his nets to sweep it away to center ice. David Savard throws it rink wide nous scales the boards and goes into the Montreal bench. Just 10. Seconds in, We'll get a whistling a stoppage of play. So the two third lines if you will Joe to start the game again. I think that that will change because again the third line that Johnny Gord for for Tampa Bay, But John Cooper always likes to start that line to give them a little energy to start games. I don't think it'll say third line against third line, in fact, immediately, who sends his second line out there Cirelli, along with Stamkos, able to get the puck into the zone, Colton, who has filled in ever since One went out with the injury while missing his fourth straight game. Touch deflected back into the Montreal Zone. Way Outcomes Christ to play it because like in and blew a wheel on his way back an alert play by the Montreal netminder Evans trying to throw it into the Tampa Bay zone, But it was block by McDonagh checking to Savard. He'll leave it for circuits have now changes off the Tampa Bay bench. 45 seconds in and surrogates moves it up the right side. Lake Coleman right back out. Another ship for this line flips the backhander towards the net, and it's sealed off to the ice by Carey Price, John. We're talking about about intensity and and preparing for games in our pregame show today. What I didn't Mentioned at that time was you take a guy like Mikhail Sergeyevich out. He parks his car in the back with the rest of the players. They had to go back and get him because he left his car on When he got out. He gets out of his car. You talk about focus. Right. All you're thinking about is playing this game. He gets out of the car. He leaves his car running and they had to go get them to shut it off. That's where these minds are in preparation for a game like this. Canadians win the draw and bring it to center Dumped in by Philips. Donald Gordon took a little bit of a run at Sherrod as he moved the puck out of his own. The two of them exchange. How do you do now? The Lightning back to center Hedman across the line for Gord, on his backhand on the right side tries to hit the brakes and peel back. He's off. Tangled up and the puck swatted away by Chara. This will go all the way down and B I six and that's what's Geron in these big defenseman for Montreal have done in this in this series. They have tried to continually pound Those Tampa Bay forwards in particular, some of the smaller one so board makes a little play gets it inside the offensive zone. Right hand board makes a little turn. Sharon stays right with him, knocks him down and then ice is the park. So the point line comes out for the first time in Dino wins the draw. Keeping the Montreal zone around the boards have is able to get it to center, and they'll try to effect a quick change like dump it right back in this plot, backhands it behind the Net. Pick up by Sharon keep moving His backhand pass up the right boards intercepted by point, but he couldn't keep it in, nudged to center where Byron will lay it back for Weber, Canadians through center in Lexington, just trying to redirect it deeper, couldn't get it through the neutral zone. The creature off real facts point in on left wing hits the break the right hand shot looking for passing options, lays it back at the line. McDonough rides it around the boards in behind the net, sealed off there by Jake Evans, the Canadians who moves it up and out with a little help from Lincoln and fired right back in by Internet. That's the matchup that Montreal want, at least here in the early going Jake Evans and shirt it into the lineup last game. They want him and his linemates out against the breaking point line. Evans first game of the final and he contributed to this Assist in the overtime win for the Canadians. Again, the lightning able to dump it into the zone. Josh Anderson, the hero of Game four, gets it back out to center right on the tape for coffee across the line, joined by Suzuki backhands it right into the priest. And it's caramel steered aside by the stick of vasilevskiy, countering back the other way the lightning and drove gets one away off the left boards that's easily handled by price of local tenders. Get an early, saving an early touch, Not that difficult for either one of them. And now Anderson Rockets one in from outside The blue line. That's an even easier safe for vasilevskiy. Right and changing as they clear to center ice in our regroup by the Canadians Back in their own zone, Corey Perry takes a pass at center up the right boards, rims it around off the stick of vasilevskiy to the left side. Armenia trying to keep it in along the stall, it bounces to Cameroon. He finds Johnson and he sends it rink wide skating into it as Joseph and he tripped up because he comes into the Montreal zone in the game's first penalty will go against the Canadian. Well, Matthew Joseph Has phenomenal speed. And for Tyler Johnson, Tyler Johnson made a really smart play. He gets the puck on the right hand board just inside his own blue line. And so what he did is he threw throws the puck all the way across the ice, and he lets Joseph uses speed to catch up to the puck, and by the time he caught up to it in the offensive zone, he gets tripped down. So the early power play in this game Goes to Tampa Bay Lightning with their 13th power play of the series. Montreal has had just seven but again when you play aggressive and you play with speed, sometimes you draw those penalties. Of course, the Canadians a big five for five in Game four on the penalty kill now 40 of their last 42 Joe, in a span of their last 17 games on the peak has just been phenomenal, and the key for them is not to let Tampa Bay gets set up in the offensive zone. Carry off for a hook at three. 21. The lightning get it includes drop in front and all alone was point. But he couldn't handle the pass cleanly has to chase it to the corner rims it around the wall and now Stamkos speeds middle of the ice at the blue Line for Hedman. Hedman gets it back from future off in the right circle back to Putra One timer, and it's club by Carey Price, no traffic in front of him, and he's able to hang on. Tonight's game is sponsored by the members of the National Association of Realtors, Realtors, real estate experts and community leaders united by a code of ethics..

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