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Become ambassadors to antarctica it literally changes them and they go home and they're convicted to do something to help protect down artika it to talk to their senators and congressmen about climate change in the things that they've witnessed the other thing is that we visit the station where i work it's a federally funded us station funded by the national science yes that's right and this is an opportunity there's usually over one hundred americans onboard the two hundred among the two hundred guests and you get to see your taxes at work you you get to see a wonderful science operation going on talk to the different scientists some that are doing meteorology some that are doing marine ecology working on wales and it's it's just a fantastic opportunity for people to learn about what science is going on in antarctica so for those reasons is there a negative side to antarctic tourism well the potential for disrupting station activities but actually the station has embraced tourism we have a group of people at the station that really enjoy giving the tours we bring people through the station but not through the active research lab disrupting what's going on but they get to the you know they get great feel of what's going on and they get to have you know one of those famous brownies that served in the galley palmer station that now is it's it's known worldwide and has been famous for probably twenty five years i don't know the story of the round he's why well apparently some one of the chefs or maybe one of the early national science foundation reps that was down visiting had this famous you know recipe from a grandma or aunt or something for brownies and it just sort of became part of the lore of the station and so the same recipe is now in fact i believe that when you visit the galley as you're on a tour ship you can actually take a copy of the recipe with you.

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