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It's a lot jenny. I liked to have fun. I know you do. That's good you should and we had fun today. Yes we did and next week by the time we talk again at all two days from now but we're getting closer eakin closer to the fights thank you to your Zeno Rosen's strike and of course the great Paul fell to who fucking if you don't like Paul felder Paul. You don't like them. I get why you don't like it but if you've never fought tooth and you don't like him you just basically a Dick. Because he's he's great. Listen he's he's a good guy in a is dog. Looks Awesome Man. And he's as tough as they come all those guys. You're talking about Tony or Sabih and Tony Justin Justin versa deed poll felder fight anyone of any connor. I should be said that when we were on air within the making but I think he whatever I'll say it now I thought of that like I literally as police talking. There's nobody in that division again. I say I just because they're both such tough guys that don't quit but there's also of course there's also just engage against Feld. It'd be fucking amazing fight. I would hooters. WanNa see GAIJIN fight. Paul fell to just two guys that don't stop every guy we just mentioned you just match each one of them up and everyone every fight will be phenomenal and we will talk more on Wednesday about these fights. I WANNA go through. How excited I am about this card. I mean literally I looked at the. What is the prelims? Prelims are better than some fucking headed and cowboys of prelims. Let's talk about it on Wednesday. We have a whole lot of ground to cover all buddy real whole dude. It's amazing he's on the feelings. I'm looking at it now. Jimmy I cannot of Bir do I know for BCS doom against ALMANAC. Yeah I before before. I want to say you're right. Hold on I'll tell you the second at the end but I don't have to try to smart. I can literally look it up. That's what analysts do. And that's coming or Jimmy and they may have fought before look I'm sitting. Alvie is in the early preliminary and he's the first night of the night the day who gamers Nico Price before. This isn't a May do they have not. It's really an amazing. They have not fought both heavy grappling based fighters. Yeah that's a good interesting fight. There's so many good fights on this. I cannot wait you me. All right buddy. I'll talk to you soon. Matt thank you again to Paul and Arsenio and we'll talk to you soon couple days. Good-bye everybody goodbye on fielded army. We really got to come up with official goodbye all right. How about this? I'm Jim AMAC. We'll do that one again. How about this say? I'm Jim that you'll be saying I'M JIM. I'm Jim but which Sadia city I'm Jim and together. We'll go and where unfiltered let's now okay. I'm Jim I'LL BET and we're jake three. I'm Jim and together. I'm Jim Bat and together. Where filtered awesome just lost every..

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