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Learning to in the north of Vegas right now okay it will spin the wheel all topics in the next room and we will start to chat with our friends David Lombardi of the athletic we'll talk to him and what that may mean for George Kittle when he finally secures the bag Tim tell coverage which is a four o'clock talk few sec four thirty and at our weekly conversation with giants manager Gabe Kapler layers can have passed on to the bottom of the hour in those contain some of the topics that we will talk about here on the Tolbert Krueger and Brooks show KNBR one of four five and six eighty the sports leader hello from the children autobody traffic test just three no one five one running behind as it was held about ten minutes at the Bayshore station so in the north band direction getting over to you twenty second and then ultimately fourth and king that was earlier police activity any need to know that the great highways closed between slow to hand that Lincoln way and some of the station entrances not the stations themselves are set down for birds to kill the downtown San Francisco then the twelve the nineteenth street stations in Oakland are affected if you're headed into San Francisco on west eighty one through eight are close for some maintenance so head over to the right at the westbound bay bridge which team came on KNBR one oh four five nine six eight traffic is sponsored by unbound dot org right.

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