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Into the world and to do the work and so i came back to california which is where i am. I i i. I opened a nonprofit So aware a lot of people came to me. And i helped them. I also so basically At present time in the process of opening a spiritual center one of the things will be offering retreats in programs. Which would open gay twee into into you experiencing your own divinity and your innate power of manifesting the life of joy and peace in harmony with yourself and the weren't just basically to discover we. Are you know the power and the love that you are my work. Release to love and serve all to help ever into hurt never to just give for. We come empty-handed relieving beheaded the only thing that belongs to us really is love and what love is what we are and that's the only thing that belongs to us and that is the only thing we can really give away and you know what i have found is the more love that i give the more love i am. So that's my message to just be loved and so just That's a little bit about myself. So i would dislike to grew a further now with the with the podcast so basically i have been asked to speak about death grief but with the experience that i have had with death i found dead was actually an entry into joy into love into peace because when i died i entered joy and love and peace and i realized that that is the reality of all of us all of us. That is where we go. And i realized there's nothing to be sad about or fear about death and the reason being that troop when i died. I really didn't die. I was alive so we never die. I mean we think we're going to die because we aligned ourselves with the body. We think we're the body and when the body dies we think we die..

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