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Station. Evidence see, federal authorities have strong evidence. More demonstrations are being planned. NBC's Kenneth Martin is in Washington were just days away from the largest security effort ever to protect an inauguration. The nation's capital of Fortress Vince's up checkpoints in place and barricades down armed members of the National Guard on duty. The FBI is worried about the substantial threat of improvised explosive devices on Inauguration day, and the ongoing threat to political leaders and security beefed up in all 50 state capitals. Minnesota Governor Tim Wall says their security plan for the state Capitol in Saint Paul is in place. These are complete. Ex operations. They're expensive. It's about making sure that we're right sizing and again. We can't err on the side of having too few people you have there on the side of having too many. Meanwhile, arrest continuing of those connected to the capital riot among those now charged I'm gonna a far right blogger who goes by the name baked Alaska and a New York man Today, the FBI arrested Edward Jacob Lang at his apartment in Newburgh, New York on charges stemming from his alleged participation in the insurrection of the capital, a law enforcement official told ABC News Lying posted images of himself with riot. One post said he witnessed a woman trampled In another, he claimed to have been shot in the foot. Lang is now among scores of individuals arrested. Federal prosecutors have said they eventually expect hundreds to face charges for on a virus vaccine supply chain blips as the U. S struggles to ramp up the pace of vaccinations. ABC is Trevor Altar as more Americans. Demand for vaccines is now greatly outpacing are available supply. With millions hanging in the balance multiple states now scaling back distribution plans. They just ramped up several governors accusing the trumpet. Illustration of lying to them that 20 million more doses were about to become available. You're listening to ABC News. Latest coronavirus numbers in Ohio for the past 24 hours nearly 7100 new cases with 78 new deaths both numbers below the three week average. Also below that average is the number of hospitalizations reported in the past day 204 1 and more encouraging news. I see you. Admissions are well above the average.

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