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At hartmann report dot com members of our community can comment and join the conversation welcome back got arben here with you uh john kennedy back when he was running for president this would have been a nineteen sixty um the new york state has what's called fusion voting where you can run on two different parties at the same time and so jackie kennedy was on the democratic party's ticket but he was also on the on the liberal party's ticket and he gave a famous speech to the liberal party and i am previewing this as it were because at the top of the next hour about twenty five minutes thirty minutes from now we're gonna talk of or some considerable period of time with my old writing part are lamar waldren about this was kennedy's hundredth he would he would have been a hundred years old yesterday if my recollection and mathur right and they may not be but it was in any case it was his birthday so here's the clip of of jackie kennedy talking about uh his liberalism what do i mean when a lie give me they want people to believe someone who is in power abroad we will again mobile home anyone can hear and with a bad donald bandler mahdi any nominee did we are not that kind of liberal but by a liberal they may come one day and not behind someone who welcomed new ideas without renewed reaction xiaomi tobacco bearing the people buried oh they are daredevil right dan it nobody someone who believe that we gain breakthrough made in your day rebuttal in our holiday abroad what naming by a liberal about to say that i'm a liberal there you go john fitzgerald kennedy running for president of the united states saying i am proud to be a liberal wasn't until uh eighty seven eighty eight was eighty eight limbaugh started his show asserted demonizing the word liberal to the point where midnight by the mid nineties uh you know nobody would say no democratic politician wanted to sample liberal i mean that's a pretty amazing the power of right wing media really is more us in fels more or fells mirror of florida morris what's on your mind joe arpaio tom izzo check.

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