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Weekends this weekend, but there's more. I'm Jeff cable. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Ten 15, what do you have day Preston? Well, the capitals began their three game road trip with a shutout win at Arizona, the NHL best 5th shutout of the season by Darcy Kemper tomorrow they visit Vegas NBA wizards return to action tomorrow by hosting Orlando the Wiz have a 5 game road trip after their game with the magic. Men's college basketball, Maryland's one over Michigan moves the Turks back to within a game of 500 of the Big Ten. Guess who they get next? Yeah, that's right. League leading produce Sunday, buckle up. The Weeknd gets underway tonight in Richmond, the spider coast VCU rams are tied for first place with Dayton and St. Louis George Washington, hosted St. Louis last week, and they face Dayton tomorrow, other local action includes army navy, Howard meets unbeaten in the miak Morgan state on the road, Georgetown's Xavier George Mason visits Rhode Island. NFL playoffs were to deliver the best ever divisional playoff weekend last year, three games decided by a field goal at the end of regulation, the fourth ended on a touchdown and overtime tomorrow's action has Jacksonville visiting Kansas City, Philadelphia faces the New York Giants. Sunday Cincinnati bevels buffalo wild San Francisco plays Dallas coming up at ten 45. Tennis anyone. Dave Preston WTO sports. Thank you, sir, ten, 17, two people are under arrest. In the disappearance of a saint Mary's county man who was seen last in December. The remains of James were found in both saint Mary's and Charles county. Maryland state police say mesh Goodwin and Larry Murphy are each charged with first and second degree murder and improper disposal of a human body. We're learning more about what led to a teacher in Newport News being shot by a 6 year old student. That teacher has been released from the hospital. The boy's family announced saying the child suffered from an acute disability, but they didn't elaborate. In a statement the family says one of the child's parents usually accompanied him in class, but that didn't happen during the week of the shooting. Family also says it has always been committed to responsible gun ownership and that the gun, the boy got a hold of, had been secured. The family's attorney telling The Associated Press, it is his understanding the gun was in the mother's closet on a top shelf, more than 6 feet high. He also says the gun had a trigger lock that requires a key similar to a bike lock. Coming up in our top stories on WTO, thousands of abortion rights opponents are in the district today for the annual march for life rally. This time with a different goal

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