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Michael junior Jason Fitz. So where are Saint Louis fans now like where does their fandom lie with the NFL? So it depends on who you talk to you. It's kind of a mixed bag. A lot of people are really apathetic and don't care about the league at all anymore. I know a lot of people who the day that it happened canceled there, and if I'm at work subscription, instead he know what this is a corporation that doesn't want anything to do with us. So we're not going to put them emotionally. And we're not gonna support them monetarily, I visited another group, and I phoned to this group mostly going to describe that you really still love football and you've loved watching the game. But you just share against the Rams. It's kind of like the NFL is certainly evil in your mind, but the Rams evil as everything that they've done to you personally. Oh that to your every week whichever team playing the Rams so sure there's a lot of people in Saint Louis waking up begrudgingly having to go patriot today because I don't know if you guys have talked about this part of it. All ready having the Rams play the patriots for St Louis Rams fan or example, Rams, man. The worst possible fan combo you could ever have in your entire life. I was gonna say Michelle that was really my next question. These Saint Louis Rams who we know really kick started this version of the patriots dynasty with that match back in two thousand. Nd and to do you have in your heart to openly cheer for the patriots at this point? Or is this going to be a Super Bowl where you're almost like a conscientious objector, you just abstain completely from this? I was actually texting with fellow co worker. I wanna yes yesterday Randy character, and he was very emotionally invested in the Ramsey's PF L owner from the beginning. He was one of the people that spoke at the town hall meeting really passionately in favour of Saint Louis to keep the team. And after the patriots advanced I was actually with him. And he said I've gone through a movie on Super Bowl Sunday. I cannot cheer for the ramp, obviously. Because of what they did to St Louis, and I can't you're patriots. Because a lot of people are sitting St Louis thinking, you know, if the patriots they win that Super Bowl, you know, the Rams wouldn't have gone on this day losing spiral and because of the team losing so much. It's part of the contributing factor for them ultimately moving it's part of the argument that hand cranking company presented to the league. Like, hey, we haven't been. Advance import hasn't been best. It's okay to rip the seam out of this community. So I be grudgingly wanted to for the patriots because seeing Sankranti hoist the Super Bowl trophy and have people cheer for that. That's something that I can't stomach and if it if it doesn't happen. There's a lot of people Sandler's we're gonna have to go underground for a while. But I will be watching the game patriots. I know a lot of people in Saint Louis. We'll be going to believe that day. We're talking to Michelle small when you can hear them one on one ESPN Saint Louis small move formula to go out of your what heels Saint Louis in the relationship with the NFL at this point anything. I I don't really think anything we'll never get a team there. Again. I don't think Saint Louis wants that. And I don't think that the NFL could really figure out a way to do it. It's just it's a relationship that I think is too fractured as that camping. But a lot of people now Jeff wanna see them suffer. I just wanna see them have no success. That would make deserve. I mean when this the news I came down initially about the Rams leaving. I think a lot of people who were outside Saint Louis didn't really look at a lot of the contributing factors shift. I think they were like, oh, yeah. It's the middle market team. If the middle market, and you know, people don't necessarily care about the Rams their baseball town. If I was a business on I want to be in LA, it has don't look at everything the league gate leading up to that point that put fan Lewis on a really big cam-. I mean to tell the cities. Yeah, you guys put together this massive project. And it's not the plan by the land will keep the team and for Saint Louis do that and put hundreds of millions of dollars public funding on.

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