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So we kind of pick up where we left off last week with sutton crystal and kyle downstairs and we can get into more in the scene when crystal and sutton are talking outside. Because i feel like in this. Nothing really productive was happening. Clearly sutton was just on another one and nothing. That was even remotely helpful was gonna happen so i think we all had a similar reaction this week as we had to last week. So you wanna reserve our conversation about the actual continental they're back and forth. Because that was the only time. I felt like progress was being a little bit made yet so there breakfast and this is just another thing before we even get any sort of kathy in flesh content. We find out that she comes into son's room with her fan and eight pillows gets into kyle's bed. Eating chips takes a red bull thinking. It's coke is up till to have. I mean i couldn't believe the footage that they had of her from the night before she was like really truly asleep. Walker was amazing though. I just love her i. I don't ever to be annoyed that we're just talking about how funny kathy hilton is but it canceled talking. Funny kathy hilton is. She doesn't even try and she's walking around with her jumbo fan and she loves to sleep and she puts ear drops in her eyes. Like batches. how that's gold that's gold. She doesn't care that's what it is like. Truly genuinely i do not think she is phased at all if anything i mean according to justin. Maybe she's actually a little bit more. Tim the normal. But i do believe that she's relatively unfazed. This is her. she's doing this for fun. She's not doing this because she needs to start him because she needs to be well liked that she can get diamond for season two. No it's true so sutton in crystal talking outside you know. I was so deeply frustrated by sutton this entire episode and we can hold back that conversation until we get to dinner and post dinner but we also how she reacted the night before. And if you wanna give her the benefit of the doubt and say that people sometimes have off nights she was tired she felt sensitive. Whatever it was but even in this conversation when crystal was merely trying to explain her side of it and kind of where she was coming from and then although it ended relatively peacefully her focus is still on the fact that she was so hurt and so offended by crystal repeatedly asking her. You know you're not that girl that doesn't see color right. And so it was just her level of defense to me really impacted her ability to listen. And that's never the spot you wanna be in. No i think sutton's overall issue especially in this episode is her quick immediate reaction to get defensive all of these situations immediately like dot is her goto as she just goes on the defense and feels really victimized really personally offended in her things and then almost can't hear anything else going on like she's completely blinded by that as the situation progresses end i get it. I get wanting to be defensive of yourself but it can't like change the entire course of the conversation and also make you like blackout to anything else going on. That's the issue there. The two are in her mind. The two aren't able to coexist. And i think also just a actual root of what they were talking about crystal understood and made it clear that she knew son's heart was in the right place when she said the fact that she doesn't see color but what she was trying to. Communicate is basically like that is counterproductive. Mantra reminds at to have because the whole goal is that no you do see color. Of course you see caller. It's just that seeing color doesn't impact the way you treat people and that it helps you to recognize your internal buys to change internalize shutting off the idea of seeing at all is not helpful to the mission that we're trying to prove the whole goal is that you can see it and then also you cannot act on the internal buys you may have so like it just bottom line. I don't think either of them are bad people. Obviously i just think that crystal is so significantly more aware and understanding of all of this and obviously some of that comes out of the vaca. Unfortunately she has been on the receiving these experiences. I mean us on her confessional. She talks about the time and she's at the gas station with her dad and he has to run back in the car because he's being harassed and you see she was ten years old with was what thirty years later. She still crying from. Because what a traumatizing experience. Watch your father. Fear for his life at the hands of racists that's terrifying the best point that crystal made was once you talking about the difference in generations and sutton is twelve years older than her which is really kind of a big difference when it comes to these conversations and what she was saying was the generation above her learned not to see color like we're all equal you can say i don't see color and they were taught that whereas the younger generations i think our generation and which she's a part of have learned that we wanna see color and then respect and understand and appreciate those colors in a different way so by talking about that. I think she kind of was seeing. That sutton didn't know what was wrong with saying that we don't see color thing and that she thought it was coming from a good place in saying i see all people equally but she sutton wasn't understanding that crystal was trying to teach her like we've moved Prostate like there's progress past that point and she almost wanted to help her. She did want to help her. That's my point and you're right. I think the reason that the way she did it was so brilliant clearly. Didn't necessarily work. Because i was john hai defense was she actually didn't personalize it. You know it actually wasn't really about setting anymore..

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