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Olds capacity to sound like they've like live the life. Don't know. No, really experience. Like also is you're eighteen you're made to go very true. Okay. As somebody who like likes, bad, boys. Kinda. Darn you not about no, you're not. You're probably you're one hundred percent. The least bad boy I've ever dated. But like you're still like you're still a former fuck boy there's a difference between a fuck boy. Too bad with knows. I mean, like this is not settled for saying like it's not like as much as I dated terrible, bad, boys. That's the whole thing. It's like you have to figure out what it is that you're attracted to in that. So then like for me, I dated a bunch of drug dealers. I had a whole string dating drug dealers and drug addicts like that whole thing. And so for me, it was kind of like when I when I looked at it from that perspective of like, oh, I'm into guys like this. Where like folk the school only get expelled, and then like onto college book the police like I'm gonna do stupid. She like dating in w it. Just so bad. So, but then like for me, then as I got older, I kind of realize like, okay, I'm not like attracted to guys with a criminal record like I attracted to guys who are competent in their decisions. But like that doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be confident their decision to like disregard the law like very things that you can be attracted to in people. Like, I like I like I like guys like, they're sure. And where they're going and they have drive the net. Dr doesn't always have to be like selling drugs like it can be something else if you can break down what that is that you are attracted to is it something like someone who has their shit together. Like that can be like something like someone who. Yeah, they seem confident in all of that kind of stuff. I would love to fucking know what he's on probation that should have been cure number one told us because then we can judge better. Yeah. He's All. in all seriousness of his if he's on probation for like, a violent crime a hard patch getaway if he's on probation for like drinking or like drugs. A little bit more of a gray area and slew. Yeah, I think that. Yeah..

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