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All but most recently may was probably back in two thousand in late two thousand thirteen a body might told me about bitcoin but i did nothing about it i just i will you know he told me by it and he said he was going to start mining it he minded a little bit he's got a good or story just like a cup we will do but i stayed away from but then i got involved in a business where i would be an investor conferences and there was a guy on a panel who was a bitcoin guy and he had a bitcoin find any he said anybody who wants any bitcoin come up and see me after the panel on i'll give you five dollars in bitcoin like all right this was late two thousand fifteen i took him up on the five box and made late two thousand seventeen or something he was like two or fifty bucks five bucks to to i mean it was ridiculous you know it's crazy but back in march of two thousand sixteen i decided to take a significant plunge man i went i went really pretty significantly in the bitcoin with some money that had out of retirement owners so what's your wife think of their the time she was good until it started going up dramatically in every time i will tell it would go up i would saying the song would go who's a much just a screw whether actually got tired of that scenario venture really i did i have to get rid of solvit because there's there's too much exposure but bit i mean bitcoin's been great to me and others it is changed my life honestly so i wanted to do something to finish a story the business i was in the founder abruptly shut the business down as a whole mess so i'm out of a job in september of two thousand and seventeen now my ward i do now.

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