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Stole from other customers or worse, yet used car parts that could catch fire but could cause a boat fire could cause death or bodily injury. Because of his basic criminal acts. 43 year old Scott Sands faces a boatload of charges Detectives have identified about 60 victims and say there could be more Gordon Byrd News radio w F L A. A group of bystanders helped and over. Driver break free of a passenger who attacked him from the back seat 55 year old Michelle Stillwell's accused of nearly strangling the victim. This uber drivers heard thing multiple times. I can't breathe, as deputies say 55 year old Michelle Stillwell is choking him from the back seat. Another witness photo shows the bite mark on the back of his neck from the attack. Late Saturday afternoon in ST Petersburg. Palace. County deputies arrested Stillwell and booked her into jail on charges of aggravated battery in tampering with a witness news channel Eight's Justin Checkers. Stilwell was released on $15,000 bond. The second person struck at the ST Petersburg intersection, has died making two deaths at that location in 10 days. 61 year Old Roberts, sir printed and his wife, 61 year old Darlene, Sir, printed were hit. Crossing Central Avenue and 21st Street downtown. On April 9th. You'll land up. Fernandez with the police department says drivers have to be more careful whenever you're driving in downtown ST Petersburg. You have to really pay attention to the pedestrians, The scooters, the bike riders. Do. You have to pay attention to? Yeah, you might have the right of way if you're in the crosswalk, but you also have to be aware that Not everyone may see you. Investigators don't believe the driver was impaired. Both pedestrians and businesses nearby say the intersection is notorious for being dangerous. States. Four famous supported covert 19 mass vaccination sites are swinging their doors open again to everyone 16 and older. Not only are the second dose visor shots being administrated the hub sites in Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, But since the Johnson and Johnson shots have been paused, first doses of eyes are being offered again. Site spokesperson like Jackal says there's no need to rush 3000 shots been secured daily, and you don't need to worry about the location closing. We just need to be able to make.

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