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Podcast. Thank you guys for sticking around on this podcast or get into here as we're just got done talking about the euro twenty twenty final on between england italy in how both teams will approaches game. What the key. Matchups are for this game and strategies for both teams Than before that we talked about mcgregor vers pouria and their third fight and talked about how the first five one second fight went and how mcgregor's fights went in between the first and second fight and then it was the first segment today. I talked about no sons going up to the nba finals when a game to when eighteen to one zero eight so with that let's get into the final segment. Today's podcast since you know. We talked about all that stuff might as well get into predictions now So was this. Let's start with the euro twenty twenty cup final so with the euro twenty twenty cup final. Like i said you have england versus italy Harry kane The best player for england going against to premier And legendary centreback duos and shouldn't leany in ghanouchi so with this and my prediction of this game is that i think that england will and i think that england just has a low bit too much firepower to go against this italy team Italy you know they like. I said i dare them to play aggressive and You know they played like this the whole year so i'll be surprised if they come out and they don't play aggressive. Don't come out with a very hard press. But with us i think england will Recognize that I think they'll try to work around the present try to Find hurricane obviously an open field to try to Create opportunities for rehim sterling sokha sancho. Marcus rochford etcetera. So that's my producer for on the are twenty twenty final I hope. I hope. I pray that this game will go into extra-time as it's extra time Is something that our wanted said civic spoiled but at the end of day you get what you want but with this I just think. England will When this is not only based off of that but this to see The teams they played against san Defeat in this final Some interesting to look at Obviously they beat Germany first to know in the on the ukraine for no and then to get to the final They played against denmark and one that to one but What's that into look at Woo hoo england has played here only in the Quarterfinals semifinals the cetera but group stages as well They be cratia one now They be our the tie with. Scotland's zero zero The czech republic one. Now like i said it'd be germany and whatnot but attend today. I think harry canes show why he's a great player and I just have england winning. This i i just don't see for some reason i just don't see italy Keeping with their press. I think fatigue will fall in a little Early into or not early but low later into the match but we'll see I if i santa get corrected than is standard corrected. But i think england's going to win this i think cain sterling socket sancho radford etc are going to have huge games so Without in the next one next mission is going to be argentina versus brazil so with argentina. brazil brazil We'll see if Massey's able to come away With the copa america. Title or name. Our will At the end of the day I think that I think that You know argentino when this is so can get this under his legacy under his belt etc What brazil though you know. Brazil being one those countries known for soccer on one the countries for soccer etc but At the end of the day you know Massey's messy though. He's one degrees players when great soccer players athletes to ever stepped foot on grass. Whatever but with this and at You know the past match ups for these teams argentina. Won the last matchup in twenty nineteen one no against brazil in the match before that Was again at twenty. Nineteen brazil won that to know With the third match up the and twenty eighteen brazil won that one now but the fourth trip Argentina one one no and then in twenty sixteen in the fifa world cup qualifier. Brazil won that three to nil Three of those five games Die said were international. Friendliest only one. That wasn't international. Friendly was brazil. Won two to nil in the second game of twenty nineteen or the first game twenty. Nineteen tuesday In copa america. So with this. We'll see if history repeats itself with brazil and with his i mean obviously argentina happy messy surger grayer Grow argentina But at the end. I think that are gonna come away with this like i said with just messy. His greatness speaks for itself. And with that. I just think that Argentina's has come a long way to this europe or excuse me Cup of america Tournament last game They won one one or they excuse me they won against Columbia n. penalties Game after that they beat ecuador. three now The be bolivia four to one The beat paraguay. one known the beat uruguay one. No so with that in the perdition. So far is that. I have an a your twenty twenty cup. I have england that and then in the copa america final. I have argentina.

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