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Did three point three seconds remaining by one here steel. Five. Officials get together the initial. They went to review for sure, and it was a gold tend it's really close. But it was a gold ten and the Knicks wind up losing to the wizards one zero one one hundred give credit Thomas Brian for the hoop, Bradley Beal, twenty six points, nine boards twenty and eleven for Otto porter jR, Knicks now ten and thirty four. Here's David phys Dale needed some mindfulness training. He says it's a breathing exercise actually, and yes it helps. A lot of losses this year. So a lot of mindfulness training for the next Phil Jackson eight far behind dropped five in a row they had a lousy fourth quarter yesterday. Also of note from the NBA Joel Embiid twenty two points, thirteen rebounds, eight assists. Sixers beat the Pacers one twenty two ninety six and a boatload of points scored by the Lakers beat the thunder one thirty eight one twenty eight blew the game was in overtime. 'cause there was some controversy with the Russell Westbrook basket at the end of regulation nuggets beat the bulls won thirty five one zero five ten and thirty five is the record for Chicago. Nets in Orlando tonight coverage on the fan at six fifty. The the worst team in hockey right now is the Chicago Blackhawks who the Rangers beat last night. The worst team in basketball is Cleveland. And Chicago is the second. I believe worse team and thirty five. Yeah. So you think things are bad here things in Chicago. Win a playoff. Right. Really not as bad, but not great in the winter. Right. That is very true here you had the islanders and devils aisles the hottest team in hockey right now Dow.

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