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Eight hi Jackie Quinn it was a tough day on the economic front as several reports reveal the extent of damage from the virus shut down to the economy a nearly nine percent drop in retail sales last month and a huge drop in industrial production best buy's announcing that it's putting fifty one thousand workers on furlough even president trump's derail golf resort near Miami is laying off five hundred sixty people government relief checks did arrive for millions of Americans with IRS direct deposit for those getting checks mailed president trump's name will be stamped on the check the president says he'll unveil the day the federal guidelines for re opening the country president trump is sounding encouraged by the latest data on the covert nineteen epidemic data suggests that they should wide we have passed the peak the president said guidelines for re opening the country will be unveiled Thursday Dr Deborah Brooks the White House coronavirus response coordinator cautioned always a chance that a a symptomatic person can spread the virus unknowingly and Burke said the final call on re opening for business will rest with state and local officials they can do what's best for their communities they are at the frontline Burke said nine states have fewer than one thousand cases of covert nineteen Mike Crossey up Washington democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he'd be cautious about re opening some businesses in the United States of America no one should lie awake at night wondering if they'll make it home from work safely the next day you may hear the blast of a train horn at three o'clock Thursday afternoon Amtrak is paying tribute to the nation's transportation workers along with health care and other essential employees who continue to work through the pandemic in North Carolina two lawsuits have been filed against the Catholic diocese of Charlotte claiming to priest sexually abused boys this is APNews the nation's leading infectious disease expert is outlining his view of how the Major League Baseball season might open this year Dr Anthony Fauci claims thanks to the corona virus there was only one way pro sports can return this summer to the U. S. that's if there are no fans in the stands and the players stay in hotels in an interview with Snapchat's Peter Hamby found she says the players would need to be quote tested every single week and make sure they don't wind up infecting each other or their family and just let them play this season out about she responded to a question about an abbreviated baseball season and the start of football I'm Bruce Morton a federal report says baseball hall of Famer Roy Halladay had drugs in his system and was doing extreme acrobatics in a small plane before it crashed in twenty seventeen the former star player for Toronto in Philadelphia reportedly had ten times the safe level event feta means in his system I'm Jackie Quinn APNews thank.

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