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Stand up comedy there from Don Adams. You may have recognized that voice Don Adams, of course. And the car starting problem. Good morning. I'm Dave Cereal. It's Saturday morning. And that means you ought to know. Doesn't phone lines open? We'd love to have you So please give us a call. 4 10 Wcbm 6 80. That's for one out. 92266 80 outside of Baltimore. Call us toll free at 1 800 Wcbm 6 80 phone lines open. Give me a call. Let's talk to Sharon. She's in Mount Washington. Good morning to you, Sharon. My days. How you doing? Great. Good to talk to you this morning. Good. Yes, I am 74 years old and 11 for 11 for there's nothing wrong with my 2013 Toyota Corolla, Except I can't say. What do you mean, You can't see what's going on there. What's going well, I mean, I didn't realize I thought I was losing it until I drove my friends compact SUV. No. Oh, my God, An epiphany. So I just decided, And also with all the new safety features around and this may I may not be my last car. But I decided to go with the sub compact SUV or cross over. Okay. I'm torn between. I thought drove myself and my friends and this car dealers crazy. And, um, finally note it down to the 2021 Subaru Cross Trick Limited and Hyundai Kona Ultimate And aside from the new safety features, the two that make it necessary to upgrade to these top models are that I want power seats, and I went the backup keeping women you know, backing up to something and you have to take some accessories. You wanna be like a big truck driver. That's what got you. I d. Oh, if I could have a helicopter, I would, but you know, fathers apart. Anyway. Both cars get good reliability. I keep cars a long time. So the model year is not a deciding factor. I've heard that the Subaru's gonna be more costly their own because the higher repair costs I don't I don't buy that. No. Okay, the prices you're close enough to make the decision of tough one. So, um and not the other thing is that I may have toe switch when them. This is just a woman thing where like the The interior is black leather on the Subaru, and I think that's gonna be a nightmare involved more summers so I may have to, But that's that's well, Let's let me give you let me give you a little bit advice. You could take it or leave it. You know, that is as good advice is, it's always that's up to you. And you're the one spending the money if I was you First of all that black leather in the summer is not going to be that bad in modern cars. First of all the windows tinted all already from the factory. Air conditioning is so much better. Ah, lot of these have even air conditioned seats. Okay? What's your Subaru? I don't think you make me a check, but it may it may be available, okay, but it's not as bad as it used to be, Okay? And I would really recommend the Subaru over the Hyundai. Now there's two reasons why, Okay, one. The longevity of engines and transmissions, and Subaru's is really well known. They had quality cars for years and years and years. And that would be something that I would consider Hyundais and the keys are doing very well on the initial qualities. But we're talking long term. We haven't seen a major increase and engines and transmissions very, very expensive to replace. So that's where I would go with the Subaru and also This has nothing to do with the decision making, But there's a recall right now for the Hyundai Tona evey, which is the battery operated one. But there are some. There are some situations there that I think the Subaru would be the better choice. And I think you'll also get better resale value on the Subaru. If you decide to sell it in five or six years, so that would be my choice. I don't think either one of them is a bad choice. The good news is there's very few really bad cars out there being made. The quality of cars have improved drastically over the years, but if I had my druthers And I tell you, you just can't have enough brothers got to tell you. I don't know. I love brothers. Once you get to the point of you have too many druthers. There's other things to be concerned about. But I would go with a Subaru. Thank you so much. I must tell you, though, I drove my Honda Civic for 17 years. Oh, the great cars. You're grounded out. And now I wanted something a little bit different. And that's okay. You could get 100 out. That's no Bob so much. You are fabulous sharing. Very nice call. I appreciate you calling me. Thank you so much about my by. Paul is in Parkville. Hello there, Mr Paul? Yeah. Thank you. And you didn't do this on purpose, but I have to recommend the Subaru to have had to have the O Subaru. Have the cross track. There's gold here. Plenty of visibility out there. It runs like a top. It gets good guest knowledge. It's comfortable.

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