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Everybody welcome to who cares about the rock hall, a podcast about the rock and Roll Hall of fame, names joke was on and I. Know Too much about the Rock Hall of fame with me as always is. Kristen stuttered. Who Doesn't care about the Rock Hall as much low, Kristen? Hello, still don't care yeah. If. If you listen to the show, you know that we have not put out a regular episode in a few weeks, and we just thought it would be appropriate to kind of explain what's going on and what our plan is from here on out. Yeah, so with all of the the current. Social uprising the revolution in the air dare I say it. a lot of focuses rightfully being put on racial justice and racial equality in this country and equality of all kinds in this country, and you know it didn't doesn't feel necessarily like the time for us to be adding our voices to this conversation. Yeah, absolutely, it feels like a time. A little bit of reckoning for a lot of people, and maybe you could call it. Waking Up to things for people who may be have been asleep innocence. I, and that yeah, given the moment it feels like there are some very important things to focus on and for us to kind of crab that conversation. I just didn't sit right with us. So yeah as people have heard, we've just been putting out songs that are protest song specifically from black inductees without any commentary from us, it seems like the time right now of listening and reflection in general, and so we've been putting out these songs kind of giving us all an opportunity to listen and listen to the voices that need to be heard and reflect on the messages that they're saying. Our interpretation of them is really not part of the equation Right now, or does it need to be? Absolutely does not need to be you know up until this point I think Joe. You would very much agree with us. We were kind of wondering how what direction to take the show in especially because of the pandemic there and the postponement of the actual. Induction ceremony. Yeah, right? Yeah, so it has been I would say apparent to anyone who's listened in especially apparent to that we are. We had been spinning our wheels and the show was as a frivolous. As it had probably ever been. Which is saying a lot I don't know we used to. We used to do I. Think I know what Song you're playing or like. What are I recognize the name of that song or remember version of name that tune I would say. That was peak frivolity. Bong. Right right right lighting. We were slouching toward this thing bong to that and you know and we and because of the pandemic we liked the idea of putting out content, and both for you guys in for us giving us something to do each week, but the reality is the the add the induction ceremony isn't until November, which is about five months from now, and in Chris, and I were talking earlier like that is one and a half pandemics up to this point, so you can imagine if you felt like this pandemic has lasted a long time just to get to where they're optimistically planning the induction ceremony is going to be even longer than that. So you until there is any. Rock Hall news or it feels like the induction ceremony is actually going to happen. We actually can have some things to say and talk about We are just going to continue with the songs, just kind of by themselves, and specifically I'm most likely going to go back to that first class, nineteen, ninety-six and exclusively with black, artis. Highlight protest songs, and I'll just go chronologically and have no. No idea how many songs that will be your how long that will take I'm going to start off just doing one song per artists. Loop back around of, but we'll see, and that just seems like something that we can do. That doesn't eat up too much time, but feels like an appropriate thing, given the moment and given the context of our show. We encourage you or I encourage. And take this time to. To Reflect I. Mean We talk a lot on this show I? Try to stay centered in the in speaking about equality when it comes to inductees when it comes to nominees, the Rock Hall is a White Patriarchal Institution. We talk about it all the time and I. Don't know I hope the next time that we do in episode. It's because there's been some sort of reckoning within that organization you know I'm looking forward to maybe them doing some soul searching and there being some sort of. Reorganization of of that institution I think now is the time for institutions to be examining themselves in getting to the root of the inherent white supremacy. In almost every organization in this country and the Rock Hall not an exception in this regard and I hope that they're doing some reflection. They don't think that just you know. We'll just stay quiet until November. inductive underway people like you know. I hope that there is some major reflection happening in there. Yeah, and that it's any change that they make is significant, because it's very easy to put a band aid on these types of things, yes. Toothless statement saying the Rock Hall has always stood with black lives black artists bla-bla-bla. Yeah in it. Also not saying that the changes that need to be made will be easy, because this is also an organization that reflects the music industry. which itself is built on an. coopting black culture and it's built on racist, not just policies, but it's there's racism in the very bones of the music, industry and rock and roll itself is Black Music and a lot of rock and roll in. It's something we. We've touched on here and a lot of black music is taken and commodified by white people and. Just built into the whole, the whole system, and the very idea of rock and roll. It has always been there from the beginning in racism has always been there, so there's a lot to think about from an organizational level, but then to reckon with the the racism that has always existed in this industry. Yeah, I mean it's a and this is a national worldwide reckoning where we must all. Look inside our own cells, and also all the institutions, which we are a part of and recognize, and then fix, and it's going to take a lot of work and I I. Mean Boy. It would be awesome if that happened I. don't have a ton of optimism on that one, but if ever a change was going to happen, now would be the time I would love for our next episode to be about the changes that are happening within the music industry I'm within the Rock Hall and you know within our own show, and within our own minds I mean you can't just decolonize your.

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