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Uncle Ben by the way local bands rice I gave the history of the real aunt Jemima her name was Nancy green she was the first living marketing I combine well before Betty Crocker who is in a real person either in or you're gonna be shocked to know but also bans rice was actually named after a black rice farmer from Texas who was known for growing the absolute best rice out there which is very flattering but the picture on the box was modeled after a maitre D. at a Chicago restaurant so I don't know why they didn't put the former uncle Ben on the box not offensive throwing the black bow tied maitre D. now you've gone from entrepreneur farmer to guy who seats you at a restaurant it's just different we were also talking about John Bolton's book it's been released I has been released released but every news media outlet has it and yeah was there another thing we were talking about Dave I can't remember three zero three one three six insults the what what Shakespeare insults all right and David available to insult you via Shakespeare if you just like that for fun three zero three seven one three eighty five eighty five we go back to the phones because really awaits I really how do you spell billionaire capitalist pig I am I want the very last box there tomorrow or bottle or uncle Ben's Selatan point five years or so you know what not about strategy you know I don't really goes bad does it in it let's be real into my mystery is not real syrup it's maple flavored corn syrup it's not really don't care what the company does it's up to them yeah your strategy is not a bad idea though I I also may go hold on to those land of lakes boxes for the butter with the Indian princess still on the package there are that's what makes one kind of bothers me a little bit because the granddaughter of the man who actually drew that image of the Indian princess on the on the box of land o'lakes butter was actually a native American himself who worked in marketing and he it's accurate to the tribe that he was get out drawings so it's not there's nothing insulting or derogatory about this image and I dealt with that was kind of irritating I appreciate it really thank you shrewd collector you let me get Steve all right it Hey Steve you're on get away what's on your mind yeah I was wondering what if and when baseball comes back what we're going to get you in the seventh inning stretch when we can't seem to take me out to the ballgame now we can't sing because we might fire spittle into the air why can't we sing it or because we're not there at all it curves cracker jacks drop their logo and their name also wait what age yep hello favorable ideas to white Ellen it took their normal weight hello that's fake that's from the Babylon bee that is not that that's that's that is a satire site you got had Mr manner yesterday from the Babylon bee which is hello yes the Babylon bee is whole areas under headline crackerjack changes name to more politically correct Caucasian Jack so are there now going with Caucasian Jack and the B. has been all over this making a funny things like that I appreciate the phone call very much Sir yeah now we're not doing that it was the one that I saw yesterday I can't remember it's people are having a lot of fun making fun of some of the stuff but you know there's a difference between taking on mount Rushmore and taking on a box of rice there just is I don't know three zero three seven one three eighty five eighty of Hey Dave show me road light rail probably about a year ago yeah well good news the governor is demanding that our TD make good on its promise to build another worthless piece of light rail between boulder and Denver and Longmont because it was part of the original package even though what we have now some of the lines we have now are failing so miserably that they can usually run with one little trolley car you look like Mister Rogers and land of make believe trolley car the one light rail car because they're so successful NRG dis like yeah we're out of money because we can't afford to pay for the stuff we already have but the governor says and this is the this is the most ironic part of the entire thing Dave do you know why the governor says this has to be done no yep it was the will of the people Dave the people voted at the will of the people said they wanted light rail so in this case the will of the people is a viable but if you really want to care about the will of the people they would not be renaming the Stapleton neighborhood right this second because they just voted to keep it you would also not have the set backs oil gas restrictions that we have now anti fracking stuff you know will of the people went in a different direction it's amazing and this is the thing this is why picking on the governor about this right now because when it's convenient he's all about local control unless it comes to sex education for children when it's convenient he loves.

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