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Could have. Imagined I'm and I know others have also in it's I. Think it's exactly what you said. Steve, I think it's a hundred percent. The fact that people are pulling old bikes out garage shop the barn to put new brakes, batteries, tires changed or buying a new lid going out and riding, and then go why they put the singing the garage this way too much fun. Yeah and You know then they're getting the kiddos out with them and the wife out. People social distancing in the hills in the desert now to the track and. You can't find a new bike now I mean he got any dealer out there and they're just naked they're begging to buy your old one. That goes it. It's it's insane and you feel bad for all the people that have lost their jobs or worse lost loved ones and everything else and but yet yeah, things are rolling along in our industry. It's IT'S A it's a bizarre. Inside out backwards world right now that we're living in so. Yeah it's good to hear for us for the power sports industry as far as business is concerned Born raising in Boise up there. Don't actually I was born and raised on a little town called Locker Senate California's. Glendale and Burbank. Dunes you know I had no idea. Okay. So how do you end up in Boise? You know I. I was down there forever and. And you know work with Scott Forward at Scotts twenty open that place up I was the kid that wrote his bike there and opened the door after school and kind of worked my way into being a co Rep when I was sixteen or Seventeen on work experience and Then I kinda went inside that said Cohen Wbz us one of my distributors and I came up here to visit and I'm going like, wow, that's really cool up there and they were really starting to hammer into the motorcycle thing and. That was about eighty three and You know. Then I said well I see myself up here and they. Kind of bribed me to come up here. Okay. I know great marriage. So you you WanNa talk about the expansion of. In the growth of PS when you moved to Boise, that's city also has blown up since then man I bet you know oh crazy and I mean it was a boise was disliked this little you know cow town farm town you know they had a capital in it you know and I don't think there were many streets had two lanes on both sides. I think there was one and at the intersection in the state, it was like a little flashing red light and now it's like. All everything else? Never mind. Trump's wall from Mexico building in Idaho from what for my understanding all you people up there are tired of everybody moving in. Oh. You know it's funny because yeah everybody tell everybody how bad We go corn instead of potatoes and. Terrible the weather shocked because right now we're we're bulwark. No. Vacancy. I've heard that could. Be Our mutual friend there moved up there and he was like, yeah, everybody's giving you the stink I got up here a couple of years ago. So it's Kinda smart. License plates within like twenty. Four hours. Probably good idea. So. Sud Co. you said Code still for corporations stuff for my project bikes that I built. So they're still humming along side go is. I didn't know you work there. That's awesome. Yeah. You know those guys have been around forever and back in the day they were the master importer for not just mckinney and Qian. But for Yokohama, tire which has turned into Janko. and. And for key end for Nippondenso and all kinds of crazy things and they were kind of one of the founding cornerstones in the industry back then so I was lucky to to. Get put into a mentorship I did their did you write him race growing up like in? So cal where you? Race. Every night Monday, right? That's what I heard. It's crazy back then. It was awesome. It was totally awesome and and. You picked your choice on Friday Saturday and Sunday on on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday was Ascott or Dale Orange County. Wherever you wanted to go. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. It's good time like I remember you talked to do Bacher Gary Denton or these guys, and they're making full living spy just racing in southern California. Never mind the national supercross they don't even care. They're just making money in southern California a lot of money. Crazy right. So? Yeah. It was a great time to grow up in that area and being up close to the valley. You know we were more centric Indian Dunes Into Valley Cycle Park which was much into Bay Mare and then was short hopped onto Ascott and Irwindale. And then all the Orange County tracks like saddleback Carlsbad and Baron Deanza, right? Right. So you met Craig Shoemaker, the owner of WBZ met him while Subco- I, take it I mean I don't know how big w Craig was probably pretty me still hands on, but he was very hands on back then. Very much so. His father-in-law okay, and mother-in-law owned the company back then and there were a customer of mine I came on up and got to know them well by a lot of cooperation and Sun Star and this and that and One time when is up appear they're just like, hey, why don't you just Kinda you know move up here and? We really want to build the motorcycle side of the con because they started as normal we'll be back in one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty. Yeah. That's what I heard. So you were you married and everything or no he's a single guy I wasn't I'm my wife like three weeks after I was here. One of the guys are still works my keys in purchasing I. my wife grew up across the street from his wife and I met them at a little pool party at their house and The rest was history thirty, four years next week. Ice. Nice. Okay. So your you move up the boys you're working for for for WBZ s from what I understand and Terry you correct me if I'm wrong of course, any point but at some point you're like, Hey, let's offer a handlebar. Let's get going with a handlebar. Our own is kind of how it starts. Yet. Well, I came up to Debbie. ps lasted two years and. We had differences of opinions back then. I. went to Nichols in Chicago and started that brand called pro sport and so. Guess came distributor for Pro Sport. We did that for about seven years and then I moved back here and. And Craig was like, all right. We need to do some of our own. What do you WANNA do? and. So I figured we'd just duplicate what we had done at pro sport, but do it better and and really try to build a global brand with it, and so he was extremely committed to doing so and and he's supported it and we've been able to build a great team of people you know year after year to Specialize in what they do and kind of coordinate that to become what flight rations become today. So you we started Ocana Marsh. And is that fly bar you start fly the the brand inside the WPA is that how it goes is are those called Fi- handlebars? Yeah, we ever fly aero flex bar fly aero taper bars, which are one of the first tapered bars, and we still still make a lot of handlebars and they're one of the few that are t ford and t sexton this some special things to them that. We feel proud of but. It kinda got more glamorous me know making clothing and helmets. Well, we're the bars success were they were they good right off the bat I mean you had to source all this stuff outright Terry I don't know if he went overseas for it or how'd you source the handlebar stuff but yeah, it's all kind of starting from scratch. To Go back and forth to Asia at least every third week.

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