Baltimore, U. S. Coast Guard, Los Angeles County discussed on Mark Levin


Living in Los Angeles County. That's up more than 12% from the previous year. John Scott reporting. U. S. Coast Guard and several other agencies rescuing 66 people stranded on ice floes in a bay and northeastern Wisconsin ice boats and helicopters used to bring the people Into safety. They've been ice fishing. Coast Guard says three separate ice floes broke away after cracks had developed. Marley stories that town hall dot com. Wcbm Baltimore from private snowfall totals possible this weekend. Saturday night and Sunday for Baltimore on the Winter Storm Watch goes into effect Saturday night Overnight low tonight 30 degrees partly to mostly cloudy Saturday with rain coming in from the South. It'll high of 48, then snow overnight Saturday with some 2 to 5 inch totals likely by Sunday morning by Sunday. 39 was Sunday night 17. In the team's for much of next week. I'm Scott Larrimore, the weather Channel on top party of 6 80 Wcbm. The Wcbm studios were sponsored by a safe retirement solution. Listen every Saturday at one to hear Rod Borowy talk about your safe retirement solution. It's Baltimore's number one MARKETPLACE. RADIO flea market with Jay Harris Sunday mornings from seven until 8 A.m. exclusively on talk radio 6 80 Wcbm. The following program has been pre recorded for broadcast at this time. He's here. He's here. No broadcasting from the underground command.

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