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Three legs which she does not if she did she would of course when every three legged race just saying well she wouldn't need a partner right so it wouldn't slower down anyhow neither here nor there so the retouched or or somebody at the magazine should have noticed this and taking care of it you know something like d saturated or change the color so it's not the same darn color as her leg and then everything would have been fine but that didn't happen and it doesn't at all help that another photo from that cover shoot was used online and clearly and of this there's no doubt clearly shows that oprah has three hands that photo vanity fair admits was a total photoshop fail and they apologize for it you know this is funny light hearted stuff and a nice break from the craziness in the world and apparently they're corporate sister or brother i dunno g q magazine g cues gentlemen's quarterly they thought they'd have a little bit of fun and in that spirit they lampoon the cover of vanity fair by giving extra arms and legs bent in impossible positions to kate mckinnon ice array and sarah silverman and it's a tad overdone in my opinion but it's still funny and that's a good thing because this was g cues comedy issue vanity fair though they weren't amused at all those folks take themselves in tirelessly to seriously over there come on loosen up and according to page six they say quote but conde insiders say vanity fair exacts are furious because g q didn't give them any advance warning about the hilarious spoof a conde source said there is a mass pirie at today the staff and editors are really upset g q spoofing the vf cover which came out with all the photoshop mistakes the mysterious extra legs and hands attached to oprah but jim nelson the editor in chief aji q never told vanity fair editor.

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