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Kept tailored visited the Kennedy compound at the behest of EPA Kennedy in the summer of twenty twelve and spent the summer there with the Kennedys and during the course of that time she ended up in a romance with Connor which went a long way toward helping him cope at during one of the worst times of his life, which was during the mourning period of his mom, you know, the Kennedys, kind of wide swath here in Chicago with the merchandise mart. And of course, one of the Kennedys, made a move for the gubernatorial nomination, befell little short. And they're in the northern suburbs to do the Kennedys, appreciate you. Or are you a person to person non grata because you, you speak the truth? I mean, is this an authorized sort of book with the Kennedys or, or are you kind of shunned? This is my fourth book about the Kennedys and, you know, I've never had a problem with the Kennedys, you know, they gave me total access to the JFK library and museum all the assets there. And also at the Ted Kennedy library. They're extremely helpful, and I think that, you know, they realized that there are few of us out here who are really documenting their lives for historic for history. And that its warts and all, of course, but, you know, but I've not had a problem with them. I hope that they respect my work. I, I think that they feel my respect for them, you know, in that work. Well, I, I've, I've only read a couple of chapters, but it reads very well and reached quick, and I enjoyed it's quite a commitment to a number of pages in there, Randy. But I'm going to take a I'm going to take it along on vacation and, and, and poor my way through because I love political biographies. I do not like political autobiographies, because they're all BS, but I like political biographies. Nice meeting, you, sir. Good luck. With the book. Thank you, John. I appreciate being on your show. Thank you. Thank you. That's j Randy Tara Borelli.

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