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On Wdbo, one of 7.3 FM and AM 5 80. If you have any things if you have any questions about all things tech, go ahead and give us a call at that number. 844580 wdbo. That's 8445809326. I'm Joe. I'm at filling in for Nick Brenna wits. And if you have any questions, call that number or leave us a question Using the open mic feature in the wdbo app. And our guy, Andre class will be able to answer it for you, Andre before we get to the three big things in tech here, we were talking earlier about hard drives. And, um, I got a question from a body of mine. Um What's like the best hard drive to store extra pictures on He's a photographer, and he's trying to find something to, uh, store photos on now he takes. Absolutely so, of course, when you have computers and you have the hard drives in them when you want to have a lot of documents, Multimedia It's always better to start with a computer that has a larger capacity. Dr. I myself have two terabyte drives at home. And with my hundreds of thousands of pictures, I'm using around foreigner gigabytes myself. But of course, in addition to having them saved on the computer's hard drive, having backups is indeed key. So I definitely tend to recommend, especially if you have a lot of important files like, uh, like pictures just like that. You would probably want to have a larger capacity external hard drive that, uh, if need be. You have everything on that secondary storage and not only that, but also the ability to access to, uh Stored. Pour contents, uh, by connecting it to a USB port on another computer, like, say you're out and about but you need those files with you. Um then you can take that external hard drive with you and to be able to plug it in. Many other people have also been using a lot of cloud storage options as well, offering the option for that secure, remote offsite backup. In case something were to happen to the computer or your physical hardware as well. All right. That's that. That will definitely answer my buddies question and like we said earlier, if you have any questions related attack, give us a call at 844580 Wdbo. That's 8445809326 relieve his question. Using the Open mic feature in the Wdbo F. Andre, Let's get to these three big things in Tech. What's number three? Well, um, there's a very different ones, and it's really hard to prioritize. Uh, this week, but, uh um well, let's go ahead and start with one of the most important one does it affects every day users? So there was recently a major vulnerability that was discovered. And I guess it might as well call this one. The number one story mainly because of how critical it is. You need to hear it. So there is a major vulnerability that was discovered in all versions of windows affecting a function also known as the principle or service, and the principal is basically that virtual component that tells windows How to process render and sent print jobs to a printer. And, uh, this this flaw is called, uh, print nightmare. And as a result, uh, this security flaw in the principle or service curse actually have the potential to lead to remote remote exploits. And uncommitted and other uncommanded malicious actions to take place on a computer. Um it's affecting, of course, all version of Windows, not just the regular standard versions, like when there's 78.1 and 10 but also versions of Windows server going back as far As 2000 and four. Um The vulnerability, of course, is so, uh, so of such importance that Microsoft is urging all computer users. To install the latest up cumulative security update as soon as possible, which will include a patch for this flaw. Um and considering how How integral this is in terms of the functionality of the operating system and security of users. Microsoft even released patches for this vulnerability for operating systems that are no longer even being supported. Including Windows seven. So if you are using a windows based computer, um either the recommendations are this disable the principle or service, but which means you will no longer be able to print from the computer, which For remote terminals that aren't printing anything. Um, that's the most sure. Fire way to close the exploit, or, uh, Of course, the easiest option would probably be go ahead, installed the latest updates with the patch and make sure height. You can get that on of your computers as soon as possible, especially if you have a large network where you're doing printing from, uh Definitely want to get that patch deployed as soon as possible. If you are, of course, an ordinary user like myself, you can easily get to the Microsoft Security updates just by going to start And then settings and then windows when this update will be listed under update and security..

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