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The epic design want to do for the out of my favorite songs okay good good through tuesday's but the synopsis is the eccentric members of a dysfunctional functional family reluctantly gathered under the same roof for various reasons so this one is i i mean i'd say one of wes anderson's more highly acclaimed movies your or referenced movies to one of the few i like yeah and actively like it which has shaken my core right so we'll khloe so what's your dot us dot used so this is one of the last films of his that i saw going through his demography. Just that's why i had seen his most recent few and then i'd seen bottlerocket and then this one was one of his last ones that i i saw now but it's nevertheless last khloe. It's one of my favorites yeah. It's good. I really like it. I think similar to the family. What do we just talk about. The farewell balances tone really well which wes anderson is very good at and i think that i like how the film deals with different kinds of depression and grief just like with luke wilson then with gwyneth paltrow and with gene hackman and amongst others but those are some of the bigger ones. I really like all of that and that feels very very genuine. Despite the film being kind of stylized and <hes> his movies are so pretty yes and this makes me so mad that i hate most of them. Yes they're still beautiful. Yeah i would say this. One is one of his best looking ones because and even just in terms of the compositions and how he deep where he puts actors within the frame feels for whatever reason more warranted in this movie than it does maybe another's i don't don't know why but it's just like a warmer smaller truer story yeah and so just how characters are you know very will be very particularly the place within a scene that just makes sense in this movie <hes> for whatever reason but i do think it looks great. I think it's one of his best soundtracks as well <music> what i think it's one of the only ones with decent dialogue as well dialogue is very good yeah which is for him and yeah it's the gene hackman anjelica huston both turned down the roles and they both have the stipulation that like like we'll be on board..

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