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According to the bible and historians it was only jesus christ son of god who conquered death and rose on the third day right. I've heard the story. It's in the groups that i'm many chai yes. So this sakala of zion church. Who's also time which doctor wanted to perform the mother of all miracles by resurrecting from the dead In his town of church diese So so basically they He was covered in a white robe. Did you know and dame sakalas a twenty two year old overconfident priests And to twenty two years old confident yeah twenty two so young so young And so he said yeah. I'm going to like from the dead in three days. Like jesus and So the you know how that starts right and what he starts comparing himself to jesus and people do you think jesus and he's like yeah that's like the come back from the dead and he's all right. Yeah not knowing like that's like isn't in Remember we saw that flex way to control but that's one of the things in. Vox documentary of the signs of a cult is that the cult leader starts like saying that. They're the coming there like rocco me right so i'm not god. Yeah so they were you know. Clearly his congregation was like i don't know Scala like i don't know james james james's first name And from Zambia bettas first. Name james sakala okay name. So he was like yeah do it. Please like you'll see right. And he even yelled he said all you have little faith because they're like i don't know about this like they're just like i don't think this is a good idea. There's too much evidence that shows us that this is a bad idea and so he yelled in them. All those are famous last words the color you see see now and he shall rise from the dead and breath is free lungs full again this way. He yelled okay so they dug him up. They dug him in. I mean And you didn't even have a trick like he didn't even like put an air bag or something or like a. I don't know why he didn't pre prep this thing. That was when i was reading this. I was like okay like maybe it was a pre prep gone wrong right like like if you're going to go do a con. Go down in your con- do you. Not like if you may be grafting don't have griff this shit. Religion people do some strange things. Thought that they're gonna find out that there was a tube in the middle of the that he can pull out sure and that was going way far away from the village at nobody can see that he can breathe through it or the week of the dirt would probably not allow. I was okay. But i hear what you're saying like or he could explain some anchor put him in a box. Right could have been lying. She put them in a box. I thought all these things to it's like you didn't plan this griff at all. I think his congregation was like okay. We'll get rid of all wait. Are you saying that his is congress. Congregation pretended that they were hesitant. But they really were hesitant is inc. They were proportionally hesitant. It'd be without incurring his like anger like his little. Okay about this positive. All you have so little faith never mind right. Yeah yeah so. If i do come back when you're gonna like we famous whole entire light everybody on the same. We're here to help me. Not just in zambia. Holly the whole probably the whole country star piloted their face. Let's go province. Why did they use your faith to fill up this whole while. The minute continent famous right so That'd be world-famous. Trust me rocky's for us. We would travel to zambia and stuff right. Oh my gosh. She make dollar. Religions claim m. c. n. peace. But like he didn't think this through your makes people do weird. Pitch eagle went buck wild. This is what happened So now they're questioning about the motive behind it. Sakala quoted scriptures of saying that on the eve of his murder by roman soldiers. Jesus words about you. Know the site bowl and all that kind of thing and So the congregation felt like they had no option. Then to you know scout. Some shovels allow into lay on his ditch and they started singing hymns and dancing around. Yeah and covering him in soil. You probably talk so much shit about being the second coming in. But how he was going to rise from the dead now was gonna and they'll probably just like we don't wanna wait few dynamic one now. I did yeah. It was attended that they were like has it but they really were over it as they're putting on his face. Are you sure about this. They're like he's like the man So now the police didn't eastern of gaza of giza theory. Police are on the manhunt for the people who participated in the failed. Resurrection show Yeah but he i know and Yeah and when he was found Followers dug up the grave and to their surprise is gown was soiled with mucus blood and he seemed to have struggled badly. Yes he was dead so he. I guess he tried to get out or something you can't. That was the shocking. Try david blaine it. You didn't even try to lake. And you know what. I was more shocked by the lack of planning the gripped right. Then the actual like yeah. I wonder if he thought they wonder if he thought maybe people would be like he would last longer than he thought and people would dig him up and then they would like you know. Save him and then he would come back to life and he told you on no no the days they killed him. They didn't like him then. Like every right everybody needs somebody would come back right and deng amount late at night. Yeah and then di.

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