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Single just not to defend your dad but i will defend your dad that every single person of the ball run at that lives here. You probably just really unlucky very but it happened. It happened for me. Because i grew up from that. And that's when. I decided to get into business when i was eighteen. And i knew like hey sports wasn't gonna work out. I'm only six to can't jump the highest and not the best at that. So that's why i decided to get into business where i got into network marketing and i put my all into it. And that introduced me to personal development sales How to communicate with people how to how to basically help guide someone to make the right decision for themselves so cisco backs okay so sixteen Your dad goes to jail right you living in a beautiful home. Nice cars sold thing right here and suddenly you file renting a house right. Whatever and your mom says you got to be the man in the family and you're still in high school. Yeah so what did you do. What was the first thing you did. And the first thing i did was pick up a basketball. Go to the gym. I was in there for ten twelve hours a day. Like just die. I thought that was my vehicle. Might take to take care of my family. So that's that's been my y since so you actually when you went when he was doing that you thought perhaps you would get scholarship to college and then go pro and be okay correct and then you realize you just not good enough and sucks right. Yeah does suck. It's all good though. During that time. I was actually introduced a business and i could. I just knew. I went to a home of at one of my good friends. Marcus west. He actually invited me to this this home event. It was a little different. There's down on his couch. Pitching you some products and dream. But i was like. What do i have to lose like. This could be my ticket. So i've always been optimistic like i want to just figure this out for myself. I saw some young people making money. And i looked at them. I said why not me. So that's when. I got involved and i started to build a team and we built a fairly large team about one hundred hundred disturbed one hundred district that network marketing vima is it still around is but it's not really it's not really like growing. It's more just like selling the health products. The products were amazing. But you know the opportunity. I've really made money. Yeah yeah so fell out of that though. And when i fill out of that when the business actually went down they got all this trouble with like the government who yeah did all for what i don't know they thought it was a scam. They looked into it but when they shut the doors and they By the way the they ended up winning that case when they shut the doors. That's when you know. Basically my life just flipped upside down. I went and started to become a waiter at. Papa does by the way this is a year later. My girlfriend left me a lost. The car company car couldn't afford it. My mom had to take car so this is all happening. And then i decided i needed a new opportunity so i was actually looking at searching. I got a message on facebook from this guy named marty. Who was talking about insurance and i i was like. There's no way. I'm not going to do insurance. That sounds like a sound stupid. I don't know if i can make money in that. And then i decided. I'm just gonna go give it a shot and i went in and i met someone who had the life i wanted. He was a young guy very successful and he had wife was happy like he just had everything going for. He's worth millions and millions of dollars. Which which is my mentor. Now and again. I had that voice in my head like why not me like. Why can't i just do it. This guy have done right so i decided to take my test. Okay and this is two thousand sixteen by the way so girlfriend left me. I'm twenty two years old at the time serving tables. I decided to take my insurance exam. I fail it. A max amount of times you can take it in arizona so i feel it four times and i remember sitting in my car literally crying and asking god like do not want me to be successful. Or what like what's happening. And what are the god say. I want you to fucking study. Yeah study harder. No but the thing is i was man i couldn't get the contests down and And then i then basically is that you not job problems in school and really what was. What was it about the test. That was so difficult for you to answer a way different than when i was studying. Man i'm not the best task like i'm good at. I never heard that before the that difficult..

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