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Well, he's unbelievable. And for the last couple of weeks has been on another planet and even even tonight against the nuggets. I mean, the nuggets were sort of trapping him trying to get the ball out of his hands. And he was doing a good job finding open shooters. And so that's why guys like Gerald green PJ. Tucker went off and had big nights. In addition to Capella. But then there was this little four or five minutes stretch at the end of the second quarter where he may Jamal Murray full. But then he I think that sort of like flip a switch with him where he just got really confident and spent the next couple minutes taking thirty footstep axe and draining them in very in the face of various nuggets defenders, and it's just. It's incredible. How easy he makes it look at its. And he's been doing it every night for three straight years. It's a beautiful thing to see. I'm glad you found Jesus because it's a beautiful thing to watch. Yeah. Well, it's it's certainly interesting. It's it's like nothing else in the NBA. Anyways. Moving quick, though is he your VP or Yana still? I would say Jaanus I think that he may be the favorite though. Right. I mean coming off that warriors game that was sort of like hardens Heisman moment. And maybe that's coming too soon. But it's hard for anybody to forget that highlight at this point in the year. Yeah. I mean, I I'm impressed by your restrict because you started with yada. And I was worried you're going to go down to Houston kinda brainwash. Like I did. I still think it's Janas because pardoned was pretty slow to start the season. I mean, it took them a little while to ramp up obviously Houston's record reflected that as well. Janas came out of the gate roaring, and he's still. Roaring into me that consistency is the tiebreaker at this point. Now, if our two continues to play like he's been playing here for the last two or three weeks, and he just keeps going through the end of the regular season, which he's definitely capable of doing his arguments going to be very strong. He's probably gonna win based on momentum. But I think in terms of consistency and team impact right now, I would still say Yana should be viewed as the favorite even though the odds makers, and I think most of the consensus does not agree with me. Yeah. There's no question that if he keeps this. There's just no argument really because he's he's averaging thirty five and twelve or thirteen and you mean, Chris Paul is going to come back and things are going to start to normalize a little bit and hard, and we'll come back from outer space just because he won't have to be that great every night. But right now when you watch this rockets team, it's like Hardin pitching it out to Austin rivers, Gerald green and Daniel house, and somehow it's working because he just put. It's that much stress on any defense. He faces. It's pretty wild. That's that's that's another thing to track though, real quick with Paul. I mean, if he comes back, you know, is he going to be just a role player like his whole job going to change is not going to be this like to headed balance healthier place for him to be. Yeah. That's sort of what I was getting it's like maybe just ramp down even more than what he was trying to do earlier in the season. And just say, you know, what just be like sixty percent of the guy you were last year rather than you know, eighty five or ninety percent whatever age related decline in there. Just go ahead and just basically turned him into a spot up shooter on offense. I the worst things could happen for us. It's awesome. Yeah. I like that approach but moving on to the Lakers, Jake says should the Lakers be active this upcoming trade deadline, if so what are the short term and long term ramifications of acting now rather than waiting Brandon Ingram is looking really wobbly. And in my opinion, not worth holding onto I feel like his value is decreasing day by day..

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