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T Open used time 3 18 traffic and weather on the AIDS today building westbound on route 50 from buoy to the Beltway. It's slow in a stretch toward a crash before the exit for 70 for Glen Arden getting by to the right in a column of twos past the response westbound on route 50. Eastbound New York Avenue near the old Head company warehouse before the circle of West Virginia. Montana should be a later to getting by slowly. Past works own outbound New York Avenue, but Northeast Washington in the Anacostia through Chevrolet toward Bowie, Annapolis without further delay once you get to Maryland on the Beltway through Maryland traffics moving fairly well, the work zone South bound on I 2 70 stepped onto the inter loop. They were mobile and should be working on the left side toward Connecticut. But not really causing much of a back up it all volumes. Aeryn check right now on for 95 it around the region. In Virginia 66. It'll be heavy westbound for the Beltway towards one of many work zones near Vienna and Oakton. Farther west, any delays should be brief 95 south pounds and building the volume of the AKA Kwan. Nothing unusual is far South is Fredericksburg. Rude one. The recurring works on South bound south of Lord and Gunston Cove with just one lane getting by South bound on U S route. 13 95. No delays reported from southwest Washington toward Springfield, BMC Software and Deal Two solutions are here to help federal agencies get the solutions they need with this counted year and offerings, visit www dot d lt dot com slash BMC Solutions to learn more Dave Tilden w T o P. Traffic to Lauren record Headed around 80 degrees TJ with sunshine finally. Maybe a little breezy at times. North winds about 10 to 20 Miles an hour, a little stronger closer to the water..

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