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Seven forty San Antonio as first news on this Tuesday. The day that the Senate confirmation hearings began for President Trump's nominee for attorney general William bar joining us right now San Antonio. I news national correspondent bills for now. I'm sure that the Russia investigation with Robert Muller will come up as well. As the New York Times report that the FBI is open an investigation into whether President Trump was working for Moscow. All that's gonna come up today. Right. Oh, yeah. In fact, William bar the nominee is already done his best to try to clear some of the smoke out of the room. T-? What he did is is released the written version of what will be as opening statement where he says special counsel will be allowed to finish the investigation and public congress deserve to learn the results consistent with the rule of law. He also says any judgments that he makes will be based solely on the rule of law with no personal political or other improper interests influencing any decision. He makes he and he also said he is confident said Muller is handling this matter properly, so he attempted to get all this stuff. I will this placate the Democrats on the judiciary committee. Absolutely not. They are expected to still grill him pretty good on the Mueller investigation. Some of the comments he has made and a memo he's sent to the DOJ and reportedly to some of the president's attorneys pointing out the flaws in the Muller investigation and. Claims of obstruction possible claims of obstruction of Justice. So you know, he is still expected to play pace face some pretty tough questioning here. Hey, bill. Good morning charity here another big question. People are asking is there. No one eligible to become the next AG doesn't have a personal relationship with special counsel, Robert Muller. I don't think so you know, these guys have known each other for thirty years. So they they are familiar with each other William bar, of course, was an attorney general himself from nineteen ninety one to ninety three. So he's been through this whole car wash before it's interesting though, because back then they said that the judiciary committee hearings were described as extremely calm, and he was unanimously approved. Well, it is a different day in Washington. But you know, what this whole legal circle that we're in here. Kinda reminds me of the NFL coaching hierarchy. Yes, everybody has coached with somebody somewhere along the way. Oh, yeah. I was in assessment with him at Wichita state back in nineteen eighty seven eight it seems like everybody in this legal circle. The political legal circle has worked with everybody else. Somewhere along the line. Do we know anything about bars view of presidential powers? Well, that's going to be a big question charity, his view of executive power and presidential authority. We do get an idea because he is of the legal theory of unitary executive power. That means he believes that any decision. The president makes regarding the executive branch could not be subject to any review or oversight. What that means is if he fires the anybody in the executive branch, including Mr. Muller that congress would have no oversight over that. And cannot question that so his views a presidential power are pretty expensive. That's something. He's also going to take a grilling on here. Any surprises. No. You know, what's interesting. Somebody raised the question. They said it is it possible that they could dig up something from his past that would be bring him into question. And you know, are we going to go through a whole nother cabinet all thing? I don't see that coming. You know, looking into his background the only thing suspicious that I see is the fact that he plays the bagpipes. Yeah. That that will raise a lot of suspicions. Appreciate the update that San Antonio. I news national correspondent Bill Zan for coming up at eight ten wer news director, Jim forci back in with another commentary information, you want.

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