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Milestone last night and c Vivian stringer. Rutgers coach gets her one thousand career win and the build up to it was great. She comes in all business, but everybody in the stands has t-shirts and handmade signs and larger than life photos of her kind of, you know, an anticipated this incredible milestone, and it was really cool to watch and to see her being mobbed by reporters. And and have the fans going nuts for her. This is a very exclusive club fits and division one women's basketball. It's just Pat summitt at Tennessee, Tara VanDerveer at Stanford, Gino, Auriemma, Connecticut and Sylvia hatch at North Carolina one division to coach Barbara Stevens has done it on the men's side. Just coach K that's crazy to think of and look I obviously having lived in Tennessee for longtime speak to the impact that Pat summitt. Still has to the state and to sports fans around Tennessee when you have special coaches like this. It's really incredible. They get it by beating the blue devil, seventy three forty four. But I thought it was interesting that even when she was being asked about it leading up to her only concern was I want to get it over with. So the players are burdened with it. Yeah. It's such a coach's mentality. And it was cool. They had after the win. She's got a bunch of confetti dumped on her. And they take her over to a chair under the basket and had a bunch of video tributes from Kobe Bryant and David Stern, Billie. Jean king? Whoopi goldberg. The inside the NBA crew all the other coaches in the one thousand wind club. They did it right for an congrats to c Vivian stringer. That's a heck of a.

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