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Arkansas's and a formidable adversary that all right tell us nest egg wrong girl yeah that's a that's a movie trailer title they mess with the wrong you should take this w you could get a side gig hey dr pieces of the real reason we were going to have you on what is going to have lindsay on was you had seen also the alexa video and had some strong opinions and reached out and that sort of caught fire with this controversy first off it was meant to be sort of artificial intelligence a discussion on that when we brought the video out right not gauge aired and then it became about a conspiracy faking an alexa video which people ran with which was a time to do what we know to verify leave telling what was or maybe you can the talent yes asked so i i know you reached out and you you've you can say something you've kind of talked about for a while what's what's your take on this beware what kind of unconscious you build into your artificial intelligence the also an important point in why it's really an and we're really going to be contained i really thought that you're video was a kind of watershed moment in some sense you know because it's the first example life scene of a like a human lobov interaction of that sort net produced stout kind of politically charged statement and so you could say that alexa is composed of a very large number of implicit beliefs which are made explicit when their state it right of those implicit police are formed through processes that we don't understand right to which we are going to be subject and and one of the things that so frightening about is in some sense and i think this is the sort of thing that people like god alone moscow are extremely worried about and for good reason is that.

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