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To sell to people with preexisting conditions to sell to them at the same price and to not charge women more but also the requirement for most people to either have health insurance or pay a fine those were all the things that sort of went together to try to shore up that individual market where about twenty million people by their own coverage and the other major piece was the expansion of the medicaid program previously medicaid was available to people with low incomes but you had to be low income and something else you had to be low income and a child low income and a pregnant woman low income and someone with a disability or low income and senior basically what the affordable care act said was you really just had and to have a low income and then you could be eligible originally that was a requirement allstate's we're going to have to expand medicaid in two thousand twelve the supreme court ruled that the medicaid expansion was coercive to the states and it had to be voluntary so now we have most of the state's doing it because federal government is paying the vast majority of that cost but they're still eighteen seventeen eighteen states i think that have not yet decided to opt into that medicaid expansion so how did it do in solving those two problems well i think the consensus is it did better at covering people than it did at lowering costs and there's a variety of reasons for that but certainly millions of people have joined medicaid under the states that did expand the people who were getting help paying for their coverage there are a lot more of those people some other people for complicated reasons have been priced out at that if they make too much to get help from the government so it's been sort of a given take in the individual market but yes many more people overall have coverage than had coverage before the affordable care act was passed on the cost side there were a lot of changes to medicare and they were all intended to be experiment so some of them have worked better than others of them healthcare spending went down rather dramatically in the years following the enactment of the affordable care act there was a very lively debate amongst analysts in a communist about whether that was because of the law or because of the the great depression the recession that still not clear i think the content is was it was sort of a combination of the two so you said that it didn't necessarily lower costs but affordable care is built into the name of the act are you able to explain in a not too complicated way why it did not lower the costs of health insurance one of the big pieces of.

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