Secretary, President Trump, Fox News discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Petersburg in President Trump reversing decision by education secretary Betsy DeVos to eliminate funding for the Special Olympics that proposal drawn widespread criticism with detention facilities of the border bulging with detainees, the homeland security secretary planning to ask congress for sweeping changes CDP's says so many Central American families and unaccompanied minors have flooded in. They have nowhere to detain them. And are simply releasing them into the country. Marie Salim-owned Garza with the hope of border institute in El Paso, says she hopes that thirties are helping migrants connect with nonprofits like there's upon release. We're operating community-wide all the way to Albuquerque, which is a four hour drive up to around twenty five shelters on and off through different parts of the week homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen. Reportedly has written a letter asking congress to give them a thirty to deport unaccompanied children home more quickly and hold families in detention together until their asylum. Cases are determined Jessica Rosenthal. Fox News or Korean diplomacy is coming South Korea's president moon. Jae in will meet with President Trump at the White House in two weeks to discuss how to revive the still baited talks with North Korea to end their nuclear weapons program through the Sweet Sixteen round of the NC double A tournament the Thursday winners Gonzaga, Virginia, Texas Tech had Purdue for more today. Third seat LSU facing second seed, Michigan state that tips off around seven oh nine PM eastern time. Twenty minutes later top seed in the midwest UNC will go up against fifth seed Auburn later on top seed in the east Duke will face four seed Virginia Tech the hokies we'll have Thai outlaw back after passing a drug test following a marijuana possession charge and the Sweet Sixteen wraps up in the mid west with second seed Kentucky battling third seed Hughes. Sten Matt Napolitano, Fox News away, Thursdays games. Spoiled the perfect bracket guide..

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