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Yes, I feel bad for the barista that had to spell deniro's targe Arion. The coffee Cup was actually helpful for the next episode. I hope everyone has a Starbucks Cup in front of them that way, I might actually no more than three characters names starting to get concerned. This rockets warriors. Series is never gonna start Jake Peavy retired. The news here is Jake Peavy was still playing Kawai. Leonard is a bad ass mother. Bleeper is it possible? So scared there you got those scared. It's happened to me before I was walking around the house him. You know, what I was calling. I saw that one from denarius dog Aryan. I was so worried about their area. Now, keep you on the air is talk area. You put it in there. Sorry about that. Is it possible? Steph. Curry is purposely playing this poorly. So K D gets the validation. He craves if so had he played here we go media turning Jimmy Butler. It's a leader guy. Jimmy, you could show up at the arena at six thirty A N, all you want. If you didn't have Joel Embiid. Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris as teammates your team would be what it was when you did it the bowls Jimmy buckets, the west gate sportsbook has the Knicks as one of the favorites to win next season's and the title. The Knicks be. Favorites. Two thousand and one seven playoff victory. Dan. You know, what the three itsy P three represents being third best player on the rockets. In fact, I'm not certain Capella is in better C P four top headline pro football talk net. Nagy not sure how many kickers these Chicago Bears will keep around two things Chicago. I know you're haunting by Cody parkey. But seriously move on at pro football talk do better Pat Shurmur said ally manning upon learning the giants drafted Daniel Jones had quote, no response. I can actually see that. He like just standing with like stare on his face. Stereo is has there is no crew in America that I would like to line up and punch one by one in the face. Then the crew that joins Tom Brady every year at Kentucky Derby, also, I give anything the a part of that crew Kyle, Harry and the rest of the raptors he doesn't need much Jesus. Give him a little any little bit. Little Draymond green. Mom, mocking. Steph Curry's for postseason play on Twitter is the greatest use of social media in the history of social media close. Second Jose could Saco using Twitter to try and get a new ceiling fan. It was a chandelier. I thought it was a Chandel maybe curtains perhaps as well. Trying to get new living room. Amazing. How one night Joel Embiid can look like nothing we've ever seen at that position. And the next night. He looks like Greg ode. Hey, nice of Marcus to show up. We've set the bar solo for playoff Kyle Larry that fourteen points at.

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