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Final thing. I'll say I could go on about this thing endlessly and I don't want to take your time about it but if we if we look at individuals and saying I care much more so about how you act then where you went to school we will live in a better country in fact one more. And that's Ryan. How do we young people like make a difference when we're fighting against this pressure to be like going joined the rat race of going to college getting stuck into low level jobs and stuff like that when there's such a huge epidemic of like a homelessness and things like that that we feel like we can't make a difference because the taxes are so high here in California and if feels like there's so much pressure like weighing on on us there is like making any difference? How do we move towards making a difference in what should we are investor so that we can financially help these people and the Christians regions that we need to be? So let let let me let me give you the answer colleges rigged against you. The tech companies are rigged against you the DC elites are rigged against you cultures hers rigged against you. The taxes are too high too much regulation. Guess what that's not an excuse. Don't play the victim. I'M GONNA talk. I talk a lot about problems. Problems talked about them endlessly. I write a book about problems. Okay first thing you could do. I'm talking about the general. You not not necessarily you beat the best human being you possibly can be. That's the first thing now. What does that mean? That means I'm going to rejects the false promise of the secular left. That unlimited indulgence. An unlimited freedom is going to give me happiness and it's going to give me fulfilment reject that instead Ed do hard stuff regularly that makes a difference that is what will get you fulfillment. So what does that mean words. That are not talked about enough in our society discipline and responsibility discipline and responsibility. That means I'm going to put restraints on my own things that I know I struggle with that might be alcohol. Might be drugs. Might be a sexual sin. Might be whatever that is put guard rails on yourself because indulgence comes at a cost and we don't say that enough to argue. And if you indulge too much you could lose everything and we say that we say a little bit of that and guess what you aren't in the current position right now of where you want to be what I mean by that reject the self-esteem nonsense if you look at a poster and say you're justify find way you are say no I'm not if I was. Why would I be in school by was? Why would I be in church? I and if you come from the Christian doctrine abyss were all broken. We're like shattered pieces. Were horrible sinful. We need redemption really really bad back and so the self esteem nonsense. Let's go to these twelve year old to say you're so perfect. You're wonderful and ridiculous posters and it's like a smiley highly face and it's just a yellow emoji smiley face in it says self-esteem your great something ludicrous. You know what that does is it puts puts a false sense of pressure on someone that looks at it see. Maybe I'm not great. There's actually freedom in accepting that you're broken and saying I'm nothing like I'm nothing. I'm a center. I've made horrible choices. And I only have redemption in one thing and that's the blood of Jesus Christ so for you personally personally. All that stuff's rigged against you. All of these people are GonNa try to be taking your jobs that are from other countries. All that uh-huh we could try to fix that in public policy because there's only three things you need to do to succeed in America and every single person in this room can do these three things because it's around choices number one get married. Sorry before you have kids. That's number one number to get a job any job any job any job and work hard at it. Ethically work hard at it ask questions act ethically basically you will move up in the third thing you have to do to succeed in. America is just graduate high school. You do those three things and you work harder than the person person next to you. Treat people well you act ethically to try to be better today than you were. Yesterday you can achieve things in this country beyond your wildest expectations do not blame sustain problems for your current failure because what ends up happening. I don't want to have the oppression Olympics like the leftist reverence starts to blame other our people for their problems. Well I can't succeed because of racism xenophobia homophobia some of which might be legitimate. You are the master of your own destiny. It starts with making your bed in the morning being the best version of yourself and being a champion of the decisions you made. Thank you very much the the alive you need to know Jesus Christ died on the Cross for those sends that Charlie was talking about. That's what God was doing at the Cross for us. He died in our place. Jesus rose again from the dead. Just as the Bible said he would he said I will turn no one away who will come to to me. He will transform your life. We are all standing here as examples of that. He loves you. He loves you so much that he wants by his power to change you. Maybe you don't know him personally. Maybe you've had religion up to hear but nothing's ever happened on the inside. Jesus died for that sin of yours. Those sins of yours at the cross he rose again from the dead. You believe in him and you trust him. Just like Ryan's question tonight. If you keep focused on that fact that God brought you into this world for a purpose. There's no excuse that can keep you from that purpose if everything be stacked up against. You doesn't the Scripture says greater is he. That's this within you than he. That's in the world. Didn't Paul himself say that neither death nor life nor principalities or powers nor any other created created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus listen. Opposition breeds endurance. It's and strength. It's the American story. The American story is a biblical story. It's God's good hand hand upon a nation like no other country has seen in the history of mankind. And I don't believe God's done with this nation and I don't don't believe God's done with California father we thank you Lord for Charlie Kirk we thank you for turning point. USA We ask you father that you'd keep them safe in his travels levels multiply. Father feels that are before him. Lord may the ground that he puts his feet on come under the subjection Lord of Your Holy Spirit's influence may be like Stephen who no one could resist his words because your spirit would be upon him. We ask you father God that you would touch in in a powerful way this great venture Liberty University and Lord. We thank you that this experiment and and this experience of what does America is ours in our trust at this time maybe we do the right thing with it and God may you shutdown. May you expose you. Silence the stupidity and ignorance of false doctrines that are propagated mouths of people but at the core are none other than doctrines of demons to deceive and to crush crush. Thank you Lord. Jesus for your love for us. We praise you and thank you in. Jesus Name and God's people said the bus you guys thanks so much everybody a wonderful Christmas and if you want to get involved turning point. USA GO TO TEEPEE USA DOT COM. That's Teepee USA DOT com. Make sure you are subscribed type in Charlie Kirk Shoda your podcast provider press subscribe button. 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