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Yeah he's the guy who also came out and it didn't have a pitcher ready so they gotta win a bunch of games for them to forget all about this and they will eventually but he's put himself in a difficult position it can happen you know fuck show on and told me many years ago look there's a reason and i managed all those years of the minor leagues there's a reason people going to fall to manage it is an art to there's an art to the job you have to learn how to do it and we we we don't have a whole lot of experience some of our managers today and some of them are going to learn how to do it the hard way jose barea so the minnesota twins had an unbelievable day on sunday a complete game shutout this minnesota twins starting pitching has not allowed to run yet but in that game on sunday we had one of our first unwritten rules type situations pop up in baseball two thousand eighteen give listen tim to chance cisco at the plate funding for a day set you'll get one skin stand up and applaud well they give it to you take how many times we heard that too because so many clubs but the prominent shift on that bait when the orioles leave spring training they will know how to do this that was a call on mass and from gary thorne and jim homerton a blunt in the ninth inning with the score.

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