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In Austin, I think I asked you this about Alabama a and M because it's interesting. Top two in the SEC top two in the big 12 close the regular season against each other. And I think I asked you, do you think Alabama takes in final game of the regular season for those two schools will be for the SEC title? And you said no. And I agree with you. I don't think so, except oh, by the way, Texas a and M winning in Missouri and one. That's the game we a game, we both missed in the final four and one. So I agree with you. I think Alabama will have that one that League One by the time we get there. But you know, we'll see. Yeah, Alabama just put George on probation over the weekend, by the way. Peter by 49. What did I tell you after Alabama lost Tennessee? I said, Georgia will pay for this. In Georgia, Georgia pay for it. The Alabama's now got two SEC wins like by these types of margins. They beat vandy by 50,000. I think it's 57, I think, was the number which again is unbelievable. I always round up to 50,000. And then beat Georgia by 49, which of course rounds up to 50,000. Alabama just smoking people. I think they'll have the SEC locked up by the final weekend of the regular season. Same question differently. Is Kansas at Texas regular season finale going to be for the big 12 title? It is going to be for a share of the big 12 title. Here is your schedule. Kansas at TCU. We will get to TCU in just a little bit here. They need to be noted with what they did over the weekend and we will get to horned frog fans. Then Kansas is home against West Virginia, home against Texas tech at Kansas. That's two in one at absolute worst. Texas meantime. Got into a real fight in the mud with Oklahoma and one 85 83. That was in Austin. And now, Tuesday night, home against Iowa state. Obviously winnable, but Iowa state can win that game. And then it's at Baylor at TCU if Texas can go two and one in that spot. It needs to go two and one and then Kansas has to lose at least one. I think it will be a free share. So Kansas can win the stand-alone big 12 regular season title. And I think when we get to Saturday March 4th, Texas will be on its home for playing and I don't know how the tiebreaker would sort out that way because Kansas because Kansas already has a win over Texas and then they'd split. I don't have the league tiebreaker scenarios in front of me right now. So that's my prediction is they will be playing for the chance. I don't think they will have the same lead record on March 4th. I have it. I actually played it out and have it exactly like that. I think Texas, I think Kansas won't go into that game with a one game lead in the standings. And it'll be Kansas wins outright big 12 champs. Texas wins, co champs. And as it pertains, and I know you know this, but just for clarity sake for people listening, as it pertains to tiebreakers in the league, that will just be to determine who's the one seed and the two seed in the big 12 tournament. They will, no matter what the tie breaker says, if they finish with the same league record, Kansas, Texas, or anybody else, you know, there's other schools that aren't out of this yet. You know, they will officially be listed as co big 12 champions. If you finish with the best record in the league, whether you lose a tiebreaker or not, you win at least a share of that big 12 title. And big Monday on Monday night is Jeff mason. Good Kansas at TCU. I think Kansas Kim pom protects gains as like a one point favorite in that game. But I'll be interested to see what the books do with that because obviously Mike miles junior is back and he's a real difference maker for that team. We'll get the TCU later on. That's the situation in the big 12. Awesome win for Kansas. Baylor, I think I flip flopped Baylor in Texas in the top 25 and one. Put Texas ahead of Baylor, drop Baylor one. I've never going to punish a team harshly for losing it Allen fieldhouse given that that's just about the only thing you can do at Allen fieldhouse. And now the weather expect partly cloudy skies with an excellent chance of maximum refunds. Wait, that can't be right. Oh, but it is. Who are you? I'm April. And we

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