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Prince Philip on her after rolling over his SUV. The ninety seven year old Duke of Edinburgh was behind the wheel of the. Range Rover when it crashed today he reportedly had been staying at the Sandringham estate with Queen Elizabeth over Christmas. Philip was checked out by doctor said to be okay. An investigation on beacon hill after reports of inappropriate behavior by Dedham rep, Paul mcmurtry at a reception last month for some newly elected lawmakers WBZ's, Mike Macklin tells us the house speaker is now weighing in house speaker Robert deleo didn't want to speak about the particulars of the groping allegations. Dalil saying only that the accusations a newly elected female Representative leveled against Representative Paul mcmurtry will be dealt with the first of all the house has. A really comprehensive set of rules to handle to deal with situations such as this. I can tell you from my perspective as speaker. I kept to those rules and acted accordingly. It ad hoc. House committee will now investigate mcmurtry. Vehemently denies the allegations at the state house, Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's NewsRadio turns out it was just a novelty cigarette lighter. The state police bomb squad was sent to a recycling center in Auburn after a report of a live explosive device this morning the area around the Casella facility on hardscrabble road was evacuated. People were told to avoid the area. But the all clear was given a short time later first responders battle the elements this morning in Bedford firefighters braving, the icy waters at oak grove cemetery for the second time this week WBZ's. Chris pharma has more on why they were there today all told it took less than one minute from the moment. The I scream for help bellowed through the cold still air until the fire crews from Medford had the pretend victim out of the water. That's right for ten because this was just a drill. So why braved the freezing cold and frigid waters? Captain, Mike Roesler have met. Offered fire. You only learn by doing it. That's the way this fire service works you want to get the most experienced goal out there. Now, the men jumped at times, but this was no laughing matter says, captain Rosa to be familiar with this time of year with ice rescue is a very important on Sunday. We had a father and daughter skated in the ice went through the ice. We need to know how to approach the situation and these drills at the perfect way to ensure fire crews are ready just as they were earlier this week, Chris femme WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. The patriots are playing in the AFC championship game on Sunday. Then right. We've heard that before unlike many times in the past though, it will not be in Foxborough. Instead, they'll be on the road in Kansas City without all the fans coming to town. Some local businesses will be missing out on revenue boost.

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