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No, Johnny Moseley podcast today. We're going to be able to do it. So the noise postpone, should we we might have to. I mean that just occur in this got so happy. Unless you do it here. It's all Johnny Ray. Like the guys always his own. So who knows? His schedule. You know, I'll tax them who cares figure that out on my own time. And then. He wants to listen, we can't really do it. If that's happening. I totally just realized that waste it would be. Although maybe they'll go take an hour long lunch. Superstore? In that window when the? Figure it out. Yeah. When you guys gonna take a so we record our podcast real quick. Oh my God. And then I found this yesterday what kind of dove egg. Oh, and I only know Doug because I'm walking around in my garden. I'm weeding and whatever my little bucket and opponents up and I'm like, what's I thought it was mushroom tiny tiny little egg. And then the there was a dove that was up above where I found the in the garden, and it took off, and you know, how Doug golick borough as flyway a pigeon. Okay. And then another dove took off. So I know that they were hanging out trying to and I was is cold. Like, it wasn't like, you know, it'd just fallen out. I don't even know how it survived. I couldn't find the Nassar any of that. So it sitting on the counter, and I take a couple pictures. I put on Instagram like, oh, look cool little edges, and my brother goes Jordan picks it up. You do.

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