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Hello peavy. Do you. Fix me a double coke man can. Bring it to me in the back room background. Yeah and PD. Don't tell anyone I'm back there. Minds Naperville dated. Thanks. Rob a bank Michigan. Is Much worse than that PD. Keep a sharp look more than women I know come in. I'm on the lookout anyway. Expecting. To drop in the afternoon. You came downtown to have it a fix all. Nice engagement Friday last night. Hope. Nothing's gone now. Everything's gone wrong. I was trying to explain to Leila how I got engaged. That line I got engaged to Leila again. Ransom my mind to women. Isn't that awful TV? When? I don't know what to do. I just rest on my laurels you. Got Engaged to him and you had a busy twenty four hours. How peeved! Let's not be facetious. This whole thing's enough to make me WANNA. Go throw myself right in reservoir owner. Bright Time there are people who would consider you in a very favorable predicament. How can you say that? Make. You have a choice you. More than I can. Engage one woman. Factor on right now streets downtown, having her feet. Yes, I know PD. House your. I didn't have a challenge. To give you had to keep a sharp lookout for a woman. All up the back way PS advantage to go, Hey! Did you get your feet, tricks honey..

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