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Is an atheist activist as that. You're ignoring all the good shit. That religion does people will admit that yes religious capable of inspiring bad actions and is often used to disguise. Ill intentions but if you're gonna be intellectually honest about it you have to weigh all of that against the good that it does end up until now. I've usually dismissed that argument by pointing out that there are no good aspects of religion. Right at best religion offers moonshine. It might occasionally reflect the inner light of a good person but it can't create light of its own but it occurred to me the other day that there might actually be a roundabout exception. That i've been missing though. I doubt it's one that religious apologists are going to be in a hurry to embrace. Like you know how. Everybody's god always feels the same way as they do about everything seen the attributed to pretty much every historical smart person but i think it was originally voltaire who said god created man in his own image and man has been trying to repay the favor ever since more to. The point is the famous quote from american novelist. An lamont you can safely. Assume you've created god in your own image when it turns out that god hates all the same people that you do and therein lies the elusive benefit to religion. See when a person gets to sub in the first person pronoun with the lord almighty they ended up telling you way more about themselves than they mean to without realizing that. They're basically telling us exactly what they would do if they had omnipotence. And nobody to answer to and that's useful because it's all too rare that big announced themselves by saying hello. I'm a bigot. But as soon as they tell you that their god doesn't much care for this subgroup or that other one they might as well have is your god. Want me to fear him. Is he an angry. God will he condemn me for a while. He one day return to wipe out all the nonbelievers and drown them and tribulations and bridal high pools of blood does. He only helps those who help themselves. Does he ignore the prayers of those who don't believe in him. I mean it already says plenty about a person that they would worship a deity with any of those flaws but it actually goes way deeper than that by disguising their own desires as those of an all powerful dictator. They've circumvented all the boundaries that society is imposed on their opinions. They don't hate gay people or racial couples or whatever. The bigotry is yours because they're still bounded by the social contract. God and rise above all that bullshit and just hate whoever he wants. Now you might hear this and think that it absolves an awful lot of religious people after all if he asked religious. People who got is the answer. You'll most often here isn't about you. Know his short temporaries eternal torture chamber though say that god is about unconditional love. And you know sure. That's better than hate the queers. I guess but it's not exactly complimentary. I mean it's nice to love and care about everybody but it's pretty fucked up to think that that's enough and sure enough people most likely to spout on about how god is. Love are also the ones most likely to tell you about the mission. They went on and mexico back in two thousand six when their charitable nature has challenged loving. Nine neighbor isn't enough. You also have to help the motherfucker from time to time. But if you tell me that your god loves everybody unconditionally but still give of them cancer. You're telling me you think those two things coincide in the same entity and you're telling me that you think you can love the people less fortunate than yourself without doing a god damn thing to help them and and and what about. The person who's got has a plan for everybody. The person who's got never gives anybody more than they can handle. Well they're probably just telling you what manipulative metal and motherfucker. They wished they could be. And they're definitely telling you that they think it's okay to dole out just as much misfortune as a person can handle and of course the person who's god checks people's hubris with adversity is usually the one most vocally supporting a punitive justice system with long prison terms so. Yeah i'll begrudgingly. Admit that religion actually. It does have one useful benefit to society is a great shortcut to knowing. Exactly what kind of asshole. You're dealing with talking school musical within joining.

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