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So she know scrambles gets a photo since the photo, and it just seemed like that was the norm week after week and. Would like to note that the government also required that the the American couple that she's living with also had to get fingerprinted kind of late in the game. And that was something that was unexpected. Because apparently, not not everybody has to be fingerprinted in the household these days, but it's it's unsure how that policy plays out. Monica. You mentioned that Vladi is one of ten thousand kids in US custody right now. So are there ten thousand variations on Vladi story? Like are there ways in which you'd say Vladi is pretty typical? Yeah. He it's one story. But in some ways, I think flighty story does represent a lot of what we see you know, that these kids face who are in detention in federal custody. They've got loved ones in the United States who are going through all the hoops and trying to hustle and make reunification happen as quickly as possible at the same time in this particular case, Veronica has a pending asylum. Case. So she is protected from deportation to an extent I'm thinking about a lot of kids in detention and shelters who have parents or loved ones who are completely undocumented. And don't have an asylum case pending who may be fearful of the US immigration officials getting their information and possibly than facing deportation themselves. So it's incredibly tricky and a lot of families are facing really hard decisions about what to do when kids are in detention you've reported on my Gration and attention of family separation for years Monica in this reporting, where they're things that you learned or that struck you in a different way. Yeah. I was really struck following veronica's data day, wait for her son. I'm a new parent, and I couldn't imagine, you know, parenting through such an extreme circumstance putting your kid on a path that, you know, me, you know. She says the best thing for him in the long run. But that journey was so unpredictable just seeing Veronica sitting by her and watching that roller coaster feeling through her was incredible. I had never experienced in only years of immigration reporting just the day to day tedium and stress, and I was really grateful for Ronco lowering me to kind of be with her through this process, and you worked on Vlada mom, Veronica story for months, but last night, there was very last minute update. Right. Right. Franca called and by the end of today. Vladi and his mom will be reunited, she got word. He's flying into LA, and it's going to be, you know, more coaster. But you know, definitely keep you guys updated still what a great conclusion to a really tough story wishing them both happy. Reunion and happy future and the world Monica Campbell, thanks to you for telling their story. Thank you. That was the world's Monica Campbell her story. The boy in the caravan was producing partnership with PBS frontlines podcasts the frontline dispatch. You can hear the whole story and see pictures of laddy and Veronica at the world dot ORG from the nanna Bill Harris studios at W H in Boston. I'm Marco werman. We'll be back with you tomorrow..

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