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Service named the fbi that anyone is ever under any circumstances allowed to offer their opinion of evidence in the middle of an investigation or at the end of an investigation right alerts you indict right there's a quote in my book that every prosecutor un if you will say that's exactly right and i mean republican prosecutors prosecutors were part of the bill clinton whiteboard border group who i've talked to there is a single prosecutor i've ever met and most fbi agents i've talked to for the book who say that you're ever allowed to offer your opinion as the evidence other than through an indictment in fact the quote in the book is for months senior justice department official from the bush administration you know what we don't do anne we don't shame and not charge it's not allowed well why do you think he did it is this another case where maybe you agree with trump that either grandstand her and it was ego in vanity or do you really think he or do you think he's um he was politically motivated and he was doing the bidding of the anti hillary kabbah's inside the fbi maybe not i don't know about critical motivation he's very kirk rudy giuliani rejected guliani hired her you work on the mark rich investigation when it became us attorney he investigate go quit you volunteer to work route d'amato on whitewater so there are a tinges is a republican bias they are but he also stood up to george w bush and grandstand at that moment credit senator chuck schumer rachel at that the world through that he was mr integrity mr independent he could even stand up to republican president under surveillance broke up so i've tried to figure this guy out i call them to offer to hear his side of the story had already heard in all the newspapers because he's very good at saying his friends and associates.

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