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Challenge the system to secure their rights in the workforce but they're not the norm women across africa's still face deeply rooted expectations that they should just stay home and in the workplace they're seriously disadvantage compared to men my next guest says a lot of that boils down to social capital dr moju aku is here to talk with us about the challenges african women are facing she's professor political science african and women's studies at brooklyn college welcome thank you so duck okuma progress has been made in a lot of fronts for women in the workplace across africa but can you talk about some of the most significant signals of progress versus some of the current challenges i think we have to make a separation between women who are in the foam all workforce and women in the informally konami may jerry you're african women work in the informal economy if one is looking at informally com you'll actually find that across the board there's a higher rate of female liberal for spicy patient with the exception of the northern african region you know so when one looks at this over sixty percent of african women involved in the labor force but because of the dominance of the informal economy most of these jobs show elements of undying ploy ment also lack of dissent work conditions which the i do describes a situation where people don't have social protections like pensions and itihaad enough walk day you know you might have to walk around the clock to make these same amount of money that somebody who walks maybe nine to five is making this is a significant issue because this is something that majority of african women experience in the united states there's that saying.

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